Fashion Trends: Spring 2012 by Nick Casperson

With almost no snow and the warmer temperatures (wow, still can’t believe, being a life-long Minnesota resident, I think the thermometer reaching 37 is warm), I’m already feeling as if it’s spring…. so now is the perfect time to look at the latest trends coming up for Spring 2012.

Trend #1: Birds

This Marc by Marc Jacobs dress is a perfect example of how bird prints and other bird inspired pieces will be big for spring.

Trend #2: Pastels

This dress from one of my favorite designers, Prada, was one of the standouts I found that demonstrates how this spring cool light colors will be featured everywhere.

Trend #3: Peplum

Not one of my favorites since I like a sleek, minimal figure myself, peplum can be found sprinkled through most designer’s spring collection.

Trend #4: Digital Prints

As technology grows, it’s starting to make it’s way into almost every designer’s collection, as demonstrated by the fabric prints seen in many designs for this spring. A perfect example is this Vera Wang top and skirt.

All images courtesy of

by Nick Casperson


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