A Student Designer’s New Work…

The semester is over!  It is finally the holidays and I am loving it.  I hope you all had a wonderful December and are looking forward to the new year like I am!

As some of you know, I am currently pursuing a major in Apparel/Fashion Design at the University of Minnesota.  This past semester was the first into my Junior year and I am still loving it 🙂

This last semester I dove into a few new projects I’ve never be accustomed to working with before, including upcycling, knitwear, and tailoring.  It was difficult, but I learned a lot and was able to enhance my skills in a lot of ways.

Here are a few shots of my newest work!

This is a shot of my very first hand tailored jacket.  It is wool with leather detailing.

This second shot is of my knitwear body suit and tennis skirt.  Let me tell you, knits are a completely different beast to tackle than wovens…

And finally, my uncycled project: the first shot is of the very 1980’s coat from my mother.  I was able to transform it into the second shot, a cute retro-esce mini babydoll dress.

Check out my website as well as my blog to see more of my work!


by Lucie Jane


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