Monday Musings: Gratitude, Love, & Love Languages

I have a box that I’ll refer to as my feel-good box. I’ve had this box for about 5 years now. In it, I shift through memories and encounter that hard to come by butterfly feeling. This box contains letters; letters from friends with whom I shared life-altering experiences with on retreats and words from soul-brothers and soul-sisters which convey their love and care for me just because.

I recently took an assessment of my love language. I’ve been reflecting on the differences in how people in my life express their love for me and for themselves. What makes us different? After the assessment, I was made even more aware of the extent to which words of affirmation and appreciation make me feel loved.

Today, I’m taking some time to give back and share some lovin’ with some friends of mine who live in distant places. While not all of my friends may need words of affirmation as much as I do, don’t we all cherish hearing how much our loved ones care for us? I know how much those tangible expressions of care mean on days when we really need them.

In addition to words of affirmation, my other primary love language is quality time. Real, intentional, time free of distractions. Last week, I had just this. I connected with a good friend over cheese, crackers, and wine and good conversation. I felt encouraged by his presence and his willingness to share and was inspired by his experiences. This same friend had shared earlier in the day that he thought the human experience was really all about connecting with others. We did just that.

On this topic, Kahlil Gibran, in The Prophet, shares:

“Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is our board and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace …And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.”

Let us all aim to further deepen our spirits through cultivating, in whatever way is best for us, and sowing seeds of love with our friends.

What makes you feel loved? Understanding this will help you in your relationships with others. I shared my love language with at least one important person in my life and have already seen beautiful changes in our friendship. Just some Monday musings for you today…

Until soon,


To find your love language, click this link, or the link above.

Perfect Fall Weekend by Adrienne Yancy

This weekend was both fun and productive for the ArielSimone team. We started our day with delicious muffins, breakfast wraps, parfait, tea and coffee from SIP before heading across the street for our morning shoot!  We always have a great time with our models! Today we used three beautiful Minneapolis models Sarah Mraz, Lucie Jane and Abbie Meyer, and shoot a few of our fall items. We’re so excited to be working with a new photographer, Mirza Nizamuddin, and so excited for you all to see the photos!
After the shoot we headed a few blocks away to the Casket Arts Building for a Fashion Photography Lighting class, put on by Tim Davis. We walked in to the soulful sounds of artist Chris Thompson, and realized that the entire building was open from 12-8 that day, with hundreds of artists showing their work and music between the three buildings! We did snag a quick video of the great musician Chris Thompson that afternoon!
Needless to say, our Fashion Lighting Class was a bore… Tim was very difficult to talk to, and we didn’t get any of our questions answered. He basically just bashed all of the other great Minneapolis photographers…. so we left and spend our hours touring this amazing building and meeting other artists! We met with some AMAZING jewelry designers that we hopefully will partner with in the future. We plan on featuring our faves in an upcoming post so we won’t reveal too much except our absolute favorite piece of the day.
After the main building, we walked over to The Factory building where Nkechi found an amazing 1950’s vintage bowl from FindFurnish! I’m excited to see what she’s going to do with it in her fabulous place!
 Check out this vintage news paper! Gorgeous vintage fashion.
Lucky for me, while Nkechi was vintage shopping, there was a taco truck outside in the sculpture garden, and I helped myself to two delectable small beef, and pork tacos! MMMmm… which reminds me to do my food truck tasting before it snows! LOL. This building had hundreds of amazing vintage things for sale, and also a hands-on paper painting apparatus made by one of the awesome Franconia artists Jonas Lindberg! Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of that. But I did of the show room. Modern + Vintage =Sweetness.
Finally, I headed over to the James Earl Brown Center in Brooklyn Park to walk as a local celebrity in the Fetch Ball Gala Fashion Show produced by Richard Moody. Some other local celebs included Colleen Kruze from 107.1, Keith Dorsett from Elsworth Menswear, and Bill Tamlyn, One Man Minneapolis winner 2010. I got to walk with Brinks, a very strong service dog! Now, I haven’t been on the runway like that since college, so I was glad I was able to hold on to Brinks!! What a great day!
by Adrienne Yancy