ArielSimone Summer Newsletter– Updates, Recaps, News!

Recaps & Highlights

2012 is FLYING by! We can hardly believe that it is summer already. But! It has been an incredible year so far. As we enter into the third quarter, we want to share some of the things that have been going on in both Minnesota and in California.

We have already hired 2 new interns for the summer that support Nkechi and our operations team in San Francisco. We’ve also added some very talented guest bloggers this season and we hope to continually provide interesting and relevant content for all of you! We have decided to be more strategic with our postings– we feel that our blog supports the re-branding of ArielSimone. We have carefully chosen writers who are fun, approachable, stylish and girls we would want to hang out with! Make sure to check it out!

We’ve also added a new online retail space--Copious , which is a fashion tech company in SF. We actually were able to be a part of their website photo shoot, where we pulled ArielSimone pieces. We are excited that one of our skirts made the landing page!!

We are finally listed on I like What You’re Wearing— check out our current listings and these gorgeous images! We are thrilled.

Something else we are thrilled about are our new product– headbands! We are excited to be moving into accessories, and these are just so stylish and fun and can be worn on any occasion. These are a must for summer! Make sure to stay connected to hear about all of our amazing summer promotions.

What is going on in SF 

As you know, last quarter we had a big change– Nkechi moved to SF to expand ArielSimone. She is working with a talented team out in California on a re-branding project which is expected to launch the first week in September. We have strategically planned to reveal our make over during SFFW, where we hope to show our S/S13 collection. The uncovering of our new image will also happen to co-incide with our very own, brand-new retail website and an SF launch party! We are so extremely excited about this! Stat tuned for more details soon.

Fashion Shows

Of course we can’t forget the shows. We had a very fun time showing at KTWIN Show at The Brick (Downtown Minneapolis).


We have several things coming up in the next few months that we are really excited about. Here are a few shows to put on your calendar:

Fashion Fighting Stigma– St. Paul-  August 16th 2012 Landmark Center
SF ArielSimone Launch Party- San Francisco – September 7th, 2012
MNFW The Shows-Minneapolis- September 25-27th, 2012
SFFW– San Francisco – September 24th-30th, 2012

Make sure to keep coming back to learn about upcoming events, new garments, behind the scenes at photo shoots, fashion tips and more! Also, our Facebook fan page has a lot of really great daily updates to keep you in the loop about styling, events and inspirations. Thank you for your support–ArielSimone is not what we are without all of you. Wishing you a fresh, happy, and love-filled Summer 2012!

Summer Parties by Lucie Jane

One of my favorite things about summer in the cities are outdoor parties and events.  The art and music festivals are amazing, and backyard BBQs and friends gatherings make my night.

I also am super excited about my family’s summer trip to San Francisco, and along the West coast.  We will be spending a week around California, and then will spend a week or so traveling to Vegas, the Grand Canyon and a few other touristy locations 🙂  Maybe I’ll even get a chance to see Nkechi while I’m out there!

Here are a few photos of a couple of fun parties I already have attended this summer season!

Kevin and I at his fraternity’s summer kick off party.
Kevin, myself and Kevin’s dad at a family shindig 🙂

And one fashion shot kevin snapped while out at a summer party 🙂

xo, Lucie Jane

Summer! by Lucie Jane

Its summer! Finally! My grades are coming in from finals, and so far I’m quite pleased! I will be heading home, to Iowa City, to visit my parents for a bit before jumping into Twin Cities summer full force! I plan to design and work on the beginnings of my senior line for next year at the University of Minnesota, as well as some other design endeavors.  I also want to spend a lot of time in a bathing suit: modeling, walking, sunbathing, swimming: you name it!

A few weeks ago I was a model for my favorite twin brothers, Tim +Thom, wearing one of their looks for the Eco-Inspirations show which their boutique, You and Me, headlined.  They created a line of party wear/formal wear made entirely out of upcycled fabrics: amazing.

Here is a shot of me in my beautiful dress!

I also am in the process of seeking representation from a different agency(s) here in the cities.  The agency I was previously with, while a great agency, just wasn’t working for what I wanted to do.  I have met with a few people and hope to start working more regularly soon! 🙂

Later this week/weekend, I will be posting videos on my YouTube page as well as personal blog on my NASA trip, as well as a few other possibilities, so stay tuned!


xo, Lucie Jane