Scott Ian McFarland Runway Collection Preview

This Monday, I had the opportunity to take a peek at Scott Ian McFarland‘s latest collection, which will be on the runways this Sunday for San Francisco Fashion Week.

I had no idea what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised to find a small intimate gathering when I walked into Jillian’s. The venue was cozy, with dim lighting and wood-paneled walls that reminded me of a cabin in the woods. It was a classy affair with crudités, french bread, and cheese to snack on and waiters taking drink orders.

I browsed through racks of men’s and women’s sweaters, cardigans, coats, beanies, scarves, and knit leggings and played dress-up with the models. The knitwear collection worked well as a cohesive unit and I was impressed by how easy it was to mix and match individual pieces.

At first glance, the collection seemed basic, but upon further inspection, I discovered intricate knit work and lacing, interwoven braided ribbon, ruffled piping, and a palette of grays, deep indigo, and pearlescent hues. The first thing that came to mind when trying to describe it was Alice in Wonderland meets Where The Wild Things Are. The pieces possessed the effortless comfort of Max’s wolf pajamas and the whimsy of Wonderland. It was a match made in children’s book heaven.

Most of the pieces were masterfully crafted by Scott Ian McFarland himself, a rare feat in a world where many fashion designers do not sew their own designs. As a formally trained sculptor, Scott brings a fresh perspective to the San Francisco fashion scene. He experiments with three-dimensional shapes, color, and texture in a way only a sculptor can.

The inspiration behind Scott Ian McFarland’s latest collection is androgyny, the 1920s, ships, and the blues.

Androgynous influences are obvious in the gender-neutral colors and silhouettes, while the 1920s shows itself in the form of loose-fitting cuts and breathable fabrics. The ruffled piping and knitted diamond-shaped patterns reveal ships’ masts and sails. But the blues? Really?

I thought long and hard about how a musical genre could act as the inspiration for a clothing collection before I decided to do some research of my own. The term “the blues” comes from the use of the indigo plant in West African cultures during death and mourning ceremonies. The mourner’s garments were dyed blue to indicate suffering. The indigo plant was also grown in many plantations in the southern United States, where slaves sang of their suffering as they worked in the fields. These songs were called “the blues”.

It was no coincidence then that Scott Ian McFarland used a deep indigo color to accent the neutral grays, pinks, and tans in his collection.

Although Scott Ian McFarland is relatively new to the fashion world, I have high hopes for the new designer and I’d like to see how his clothing translates from the runways to the streets!

by Samantha J. Yee, originally posted on Sam Goes Glam

styling men by Lexie Tiongson


Whew, sometimes it’s a tough one. But, recently I’ve found myself styling men more often than usual. It’s funny because when I was talking to my friend Bryon about wanting to style men more, he told me that I’d probably recommend polka dot pants! I actually wouldn’t mind seeing that on a guy, but as a starter… I styled a couple of men this past weekend and told one of them to wear a polka dot denim button-up.

One of my really good friends, Nathan introduced me to Indochino, a custom online menswear tailor. He’s really into suits and the whole “Financial District” look, obviously. So, he asked me to help him style while Indochino had their traveling tailor here in San Francisco.

I really fell in love with the variety of fabrics they had. You can basically customize the whole suit. From the lining inside to the lapels, and even the vents!

The one thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about menswear are the accessories. Even though they can be so basic, a printed or patterned tie can really say a lot. I fell in love with this striped knit one so much! I might buy it for myself. The Vincero Gray 3 piece suit also caught my eye. Would love to see it on a guy some day 🙂

Even though suits may seem very straightforward at times, there’s always a way to take it to the next level. With styling a lot of men and talking to them about their personal feel on suits, I’ve noticed that they forget to add color.

I can’t wait to see Nathan in his three custom made suits. I know he’ll look fly walking around in the “FiDi!”

by Lexie, the elle tee

She’s Got Style by Lexie T.

When I opened up my e-mail and saw that Dan had sent me the photos from this shoot we did withOlivia and Jen, I jumped for joy!


Dan and I haven’t done a colorful shoot together recently and our goal is actually to get more out in the next month or two. The most recent colorful editorial we did was this one, back in May.



We added a little funk to this shoot by adding these glasses. Dan got really creative with that idea, hah! I really really love how this shoot captures Olivia’s personality. Some people think that models are really stiff and don’t like to have fun during shoots… but this girl, she’s got that good attitude.



Every shoot I style, I typically have a favorite look where I say, “WE NEED TO SHOOT THIS.” But, during this shoot, I liked it ALL. Part of it is because we all communicated really well as a team with what we all wanted. That’s what collaborations should be like, ya know?



These photos are amazing, needless to say and I can’t wait to show you what Dan and I have next for a fashion editorial 🙂 Stay tuned!

Photography by Dan Rappa
Modeling by Olivia Frischer-JE Models
Styling by Lexie Tiongson
Hair & Make-Up by Jennifer Toy 

Dramatic Head Pieces on the Runway

If you thought hats where only for Kate Middleton and the royal family, think again.  I am loving Philip Treacy’s couture hats as he puts a special twist on classic styles. From head to toe, avant-garde accessories are certainly turning heads on the runway.


Philip Treacy has been known for his extraordinary designs and extravagant clientele such as Lady Gaga and Grace Jones.  He has also designed for Valentino, Versace, Alexander McQueen and Chanel amongst others.  Many tuned in for the loyal wedding last year, but what left a lasting impression, was the intricate and specialized hats of Mr. Treacy. The historic event was almost like a showcase of Treacy couture as Princess Eugenie, Zara Philips, and Princess Beatrice all modeled Philip Treacy hats.


These dramatic masterpieces were all the fuss, but what is most exciting is his new collection that exhibits elaborate and colorful pieces that make a statement of their own.  Through intricate designs, specialized textures, and fantastical imagery, Philip Treacy has taken hats to a new level.  Inspired by art, he juxtaposes past and future into avant-garde wearable art.    With Philip Treacy hats it is all about making a dramatic statement and donning the ultimate glamorous accessory. And of course, what girl doesn’t love some glamorous art to accessories with? I mean, if SJP is wearing one….


By Joanna Komvopoulos

Style the ArielSimone Flyaway Jacket by Lexie Tiongson

Hello everyone! When I first went on Etsy to see all the ArielSimone pieces, I fell in love with the Sheer Lace Flyaway Jacket. Mainly because of it’s elegance and classic charm. Here, it’s paired with a bathing suit. But, how can we pair it with something else and still let it stand as it is?
With this piece, color is important. You want the white to stand out so pairing it with a colorful pastel dress would be perfect. This adds a little more feminine charm to the jacket.
Another way to wear it for a more comfortable look is by pairing it with solid shorts and a solid top. You may even want to color block with some light blue shorts and a bright pink top to add an extra edgy flare to this classic jacket. This wonderful jacket also comes in many colors! From deep purple to sheer yellow lace, versatility is important to the pieces in your wardrobe. Mix and match to your personal style and you’re good to go!
by Lexie Tionsong

Holiday Season Looks: Gold+Black Party & Casual Sequins +Skinnies

As it is now the first of December (can’t believe that we can actually say that now!), there is no denying the imminent holiday parties and requisite party attire. Obviously, not every event is going to necessitate the same amount of energy or styling but we know that sometimes dressing oneself can be stressful.

We know, because we are having the HARDEST time choosing the best outfit for our very own Soiree tomorrow. You’d think that we would have had it planned for weeks but we still don’t know with less than 24 hours to go! We created these inspiration boards to inspire us as much to inspire you this December first to start preparing for all the Holiday parties coming up– enjoy!

Casual Holiday

T by Alexander Wang jersey shirt
£43 –

Megan Park sequin jacket
$795 –

J Brand black legging
$361 –

Yves Saint Laurent bootie heels
$648 –

Ben de Lisi silver clutch
£80 –

Gucci sunglasses
$320 –

Aspinal of london
£69 –

HARRODS Harrods Pen
£7.95 –

Alice Olivia boat neck top
$395 –

House of Harlow 1960 leather handbag
$250 –

Swarovski jewelry
$850 –

Wendy Mink gold jewelry
$182 –