KTWIN’s Friends of Fashion This Thursday!

Anheuser-Busch/Golden Light Presents….. KTWIN’s Friends of Fashion!

  • Day: Thu, May 3, 2012
  • Showtime: 9:00 PM
  • Doors open: 8:00 PM
  • Days until show: 3
  • Ages: 18 & Over
  • On sale now
  • Ticket Prices*: $20

The K-TWIN Friends of Fashion Event comes to The Brick in Downtown Minneapolis Thursday night, May 3rd! Only a limited number of tickets will be available for one of the most amazing fashion shows of the year. The K-TWIN Friends of Fashion Event features:

Local designers!

Christopher Straub, Realia By Jen, and ArielSimone.

Local Stores!

Bessie’s Boutique, Pink Champagne and more.

Local Performers!

Tim Mahoney and John Swardson- all wrapped in your favorite rock hits!


Tickets on sale now at The Brick box office and at the K-TWIN studios.

The K-TWIN Friends of Fashion Event brought you by: I Am Moody Productions, Jungle Red Salon Spa and Gallery, White Bear Lake Suzuki, DP Hue JB Hudson Jewelers and Golden Light. Go to www.KTWIN.com for more info.

* Service and handling fees are added to the price of each ticket


Friday Feature: Realia by Jen

Finally! We have the full feature of our interview with Jennifer Scheffler of realia by jen! Sorry to keep you waiting, but I think it was worth the wait!

AS: Please give us a brief bio, where you are from and how you started in this field?

J: My name is Jen Scheffler and I am an educator, creator and a jewelry designer.  I am from a small town in Minnesota called New Prague.  I have dabbled in the arts ever since I could dabble!  I have taken a variety of classes over the years in jewelry making and have figured out a number of things on my own.

AS: How would you describe your personal style?

J: I would describe my style as an eclectic mix of subtly sexy, revived vintage and Parisian-inspired.

AS: How would you describe the style of your work/art? How has this changed over time?

J: I would describe the style of my work as innovative and dynamic.  I think that like all artists, their work changes over greater periods of time, and from moment to moment as well!

AS: When did you first discover your creative talents?

J: I was “that girl” in grade school…possibly even elementary school…you know the one?!  The one that people wanted in their groups if there was going to be some sort of visual presentation required…kind of nerdy, but very outgoing.  I could always make things look good by free handing my own big block letters.  Even back then visual organization was something I loved and seemed to excel at.

AS: Did you always know you want to be an artist?

J: I would say that I always knew it, but it took some time for me to accept it.  For a long time, there was an internal battle between my desire to be constantly creating with no real outlet and the pragmatism of the every day grind of life.  As with everything, I strive to find balance with this.

AS: What inspires you? How do you stay motivated?

J: I am inspired by so many different things – and I think that is what helps me stay motivated!  I love helping people accessorize and creating pieces that hold a lot of sentimental value and can tell a story, whether past, present or future!  Artistically I am very inspired by color and light.  I love going to various exhibits and exploring paintings, photographs, music, movies and the history of all of the different cultures of the world.

AS: What is your creative process like?

J: Circular, cyclical……something like that.  I see something, get inspired, sit down wherever I am and work away at it until something calls me away.  Then I come back to it, tear it apart or add to it and at a certain point declare it done…enough!

AS: What is something that you always carry with you?

J: Something that I wear every day and hold near and dear is my AIDS bracelet.  It was given to my by my aunt who passed away from the virus in 1996.  She was a very special person to me during some of the more formative years of my life.  It reminds me of her and reminds me not to take things for granted.

AS: What do you find is the hardest part about your work? 

J: Finding the time to get it all done!  Isn’t that the case with any job worth having?!

AS: What is your approach to artistic work? Or your method or ritual?

J: I am the ever lovely juxtaposition of organized chaos!  I am a “station” worker.  I get started on something and if I don’t have creative flow I ditch it and move on to the next thing.  If I have creative flow there, then away I go!  Later, I will come back to all of the discarded “stations” and if I have creative flow at that point – work on it and if not, keep it moving!

AS: Any influences or anyone you look up to when it comes to your work?

J: Absolutely!  I am a student of the world so I am constantly seeking to learn all aspects of my business from the design end to the flow charts and inventory spread sheets.  I am also a student of human nature and love to travel and see the sights, eat the food and meet the people!  I also love all things vintage.  A few of my fashion icons include Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior & Anna Sui.

AS: If you weren’t creating (or designing) what would you be doing?

J: I would be in education.  Growing up I was constantly playing teacher.  I went on to get a Masters in Education.  Hopefully some day I can join my two passions!

AS: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years either personally or artistically?

J: Creating new and dynamically innovative things!

AS: How do you bridge the gap between business and art?

J: With lots of support and consultation.

AS: Describe yourself in 5 words.

J: Witty, genuine, fast, focused and fun!

AS: Lastly, any words of advice for aspiring artists?

J: If you want to make money – make sure you have a business plan!

We love working with Jen– her creations are so amazing. Shop realia by jen online and become a fan of hers on facebook!!

MSPFW Part 1. by Lucie Jane

Fashion week is here! So far I’ve been involved in two wonderful events, The annual U of M fashion show: Twelve, and The Red Dress Event.

Twelve was amazing.  The format and layout of the runway and seating was completely different than past years and it made the event so much more professional, loved it.  Here are shots from the show of my piece:

[Photo by Amy Gee]

[Photo by Kevin C. Walker]

Backstage silliness 🙂

The Red Dress Event was a wonderful event where I was able to be the lovely Laura Fulk’s design assistant for the evening.  Laura is a good friend of mine and I have had the opportunity to intern with her, as well as model for her.

Here is me with the lovely Jennifer Scheffler, and Laura Fulk.

And one more of Laura and me…

Hope to see you all at Resurgent on Thursday!!!

xo, Lucie Jane

MSPFW Is Here!

MNfashion’s sponsored Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week has officially begun (as you know because we’ve been hyping our events all last week). The official kick off party was last night. Remember, we talked about it twice last week– The Red Dress Collection. We have some great images from the evening, which you can check out on facebook. It was a great event for a great cause. Our model Sandy was amazing– she simply looked STUNNING and we absolutely loved the realia by jen jewels that Jen styled our look with. To say that we were pleased with how things turn out would be an understatement!  We were happy to be able to support the charity and raise our glasses to celebrate fashion and philanthropy.

Even thought that is the last show in MN Fashion Week  that we will be working, we are excited to support our peers and local design friends throughout the week. We will have plenty of words and photos to fill you in if you are not able to attend everything.

Speaking of attendance, we are thrilled that the MN Fashion team curated and streamlined a calendar for the week with no overlap so that MSPFW attendees won’t have to miss a single show or event.

We’ve worked hard to create a well-edited mix of events that represent fashion and style in the Twin Cities…. All of these events are a can’t-miss and, fortunately, with our new scheduling process you won’t have to.

— Nicole Dixon, Fashion Week Director.

All events fall under one of three categories: The Shows, satellite runway shows and retail events. Voted the best local designer showcase by Minnesota Monthly, The Shows  are making a triumphant return on Wednesday, Feb. 21 with Emma Berg, Kimberly Jurek and Amanda Christine. Produced by MNfashion, The Shows have raised the bar for local runway shows and will continue that tradition this season.

Resurgent is on Thursday. You and Me will be producing their for their first-ever fashion runway show during this week hosted at the new Bar Amsterdam in St. Paul. Four designers have come together to create their first official line under the You And Me label, featuring: Camille Fashions, Katy Schmaty Jewelry, and Tim+Thom. By combining their creative efforts, they’ve created a line featuring Men’s and Women’s ready to wear clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Live Music by Loveless Aphrodite, Tiger Vs., and D.J. Encounter.

Another event that we are super excited about is the J.W. Hulme and Pierrepont Hicks event. Known for their genius creation NorthernGRADE Menswear Market, these fashionable producers will bring you SnowGRADE, a pop-up market for men, brought on by request. All vendors are American-made manufacturers. Local vendors include: Northern BrewersClancey’s Meats and FishFaribault Woolen Mills and more. It’s super hot and a great place to scope out cute duds for your man. And just a great event to scope out cute guys too 🙂

To see a complete event listing, visit the calendar.

Red Dress Collection Fashion Show

Wow…. we are both delighted and surprised that tickets for the Red Dress Collection Fashion show have officially sold out!!! We must say, we’re so excited to be a part of such an event this year and can’t wait for the evening! The wonderful Sandy Simmons will be our model for the evening, and we are so excited to bring out her fun personality in a stunning red dress!

We would never pass up an opportunity to work with the wonderful Jen Scheffler of Realia by Jen. Her jewelry works well with anything, but we are especially excited to see what she’s going to create for this show!! Here is a sneak peak of one of the many items you’ll be seeing from her! These are available for purchase online.

{realia by jen}

In addition to the runway show at 7pm, we will also have a silent auction beginning at 6pm with jewelry, makeup, artwork, fitness, and sports packages, among other items. Each auction package will include a sketch from one of the participating designers of the red dress that they created for the event!! Pretty awesome, huh?! Proceeds from the evening will benefit the University of Minnesota Physicians Heart: Women’s Heart Program.

Other designers include Christopher Straub, Danielle Everine, Laura Fulk, Emma Berg, Maritza Ramirez, Max Lohrbach, Sarah Holm, Rachel Blomgren, Thom Navarro and Tim Navarro, and models include Kaela Humphries, Laura Schara, Robyne Robinson, Allison Kaplan, Jennifer Kline, Landyn Hutchinson, Ann Carroll, Amy James, Sandy Simmons, Alexus Koch, and Dr. Jennifer Dankle.

IF YOU GOT A TICKET, we will see you there:

Sunday, February 19, 2012
6-9 p.m.
700 Hennepin Avenue N., Minneapolis
Tickets: $20-$50

Our ArielSimone Experience of Avoid the Grey 2012

So we having been amping Avoid the Grey for the past two weeks, and with good reason! This past Saturday (February 4th, 1012), we joined Minneapolis’ beloved boutique Cliché for their annual Avoid the Grey fashion show, which is their signature event and has been for the past seven years.

But this year store owners Josh and Delayna did something different. They got rid of the runway for a nontraditional gallery-like fashion event to display the array of local talent in its own unique conceptual viewing space. Inspired by the idea of voyeurism, local designers which included Christine Carmichael with Larissa Loden, Rachel Blomgren with Chrysopeia, Gina Marie Vintage with Larissa Loden, Amanda Christine with Sweet T, ArielSimone with realia by jen, KJurek with KR Designs, Danielle Everine with KR Designs, Sarah M. Holm with Sweet T, Kathryn V with Cocoquette and Needle & Black with Cocoquette presented designs that represented an installation more than it did anything else.

The beautiful designs were positioned in white enclosed boxes. Each look had her own box and art work created by Bryant Locher, Caroline Debevec, Daniel Jaffe, Emilie Robinson or Isa Gagarin. Each viewing box was created to match the fashion designer’s concept and theme, fully furnished with silent films, lights, props, and in one case smoke. Each set + design displayed an over-the-top look viewable through individual chambers. These amazing peep-holes gave spectators the viewing experience of curiously looking at something other-worldly and in complete isolation. The effect was amazing, allowing onlookers to take in what they wanted, and for as long as they desired.

The multi-media event was further complimented by fantastic DJ sets complied by DJs Ken Hannigan and DJ Cardigan (AKA Cliché co-owner Josh Sundberg). There was also a short film screening from Andrea Bursott and a cash bar to keep everyone in great spirits.

Clearly, this was our favorite look of the night– Elle totally KILLED it.

Realia by Jen: A Look at what’s to Come

As you know, one of our favorite jewelry designers to partner with is Jennifer Scheffler of Realia by Jen. We loooooove working with Jen for anything fashion related– whether it be for photo shoots, runway shows or holiday parties!

We are so excited to be working with Jen this season for Minnesota Fashion Week and we wanted to take a moment to introduce her and her jewels. And that’s not all– We also think that  in addition to enjoying a sneak peak of the designs , you’ll also enjoy a snippet of an exclusive interview that we had with the designer herself! Photos include  the jewelry that Jen made for Avoid The Grey for our lovely model, Elle Lemler as well the three piece mini-collection that was created for sale! The full interview will be posted later this month with more images!

When asked what projects she is currently working on, Jen’s response is so perfectly timed with our post!

JS: I am in the process of pulling together my 2012 (spring/summer and fall/winter)
collections! As well, I am working with local designer ArielSimone on a mini-collection
for the upcoming Avoid The Grey show with Cliché. It is a beautiful and deliciously
sparkly mini collection with my favorite Swarovski crystals all over it! It is a pairing that
will take us all outside of the box! (pun intended…)

Allow us to take a moment to promote the said (and much anticipated) Avoid the Grey show, since it is not too late to purchase tickets!  It is THIS SATURDAY at 79 13th Avenue NE, 7 PM SHARP! Come and see the amazing work of  Realia by Jen paired with our very exciting and very bright ArielSimone Avoid the Grey garment. It will be fun to see what new jewels Jen has in store this season and a perfect time to consider what pieces you might want for Valentine’s Day or to pair with another special occasion on the calendar.

Obviously, you know where to get ArielSimone garments, but to purchase Jen’s jewels, visit Realia by Jen online. Stay tuned for our much longer feature on Jen, covering everything from her personal aesthetic to advice for up and comers!

Get Your Tickets to Avoid the Grey

ArielSimone is going to be presenting a new one of kind look in this year’s momentous Avoid the Grey fashion show, held by Cliché!  This annual show is known for its Rolodex of great local designers, and trends. This  year’s show promises to be even better than the last!

For more than seven years, Cliché boutique in the Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis has produced runway shows featuring the ready-to-wear collections of the most talented local designers. This year, expect something different as runway devolves to voyeurism.


For Avoid the Grey, Cliché allows guests to gaze clandestinely into the private thoughts and inspiration of ten local designers. Each designer has concealed the inspiration for their 2012 collection within a chamber. Peer through these chambers and see what has never been shared before…the birth of a collection. No binoculars required, just a pair of prying eyes.

Featuring clothing and accessories by Amanda Christine, ArielSimone, Carmichael Claith, Chrysopoeia, Cocoquette, Danielle Everine, Gina Marie Vintage, Kathryn V., Kjurek Couture, KR Designs, Larissa Loden, Needle & Black, Rachel Blomgren, Realia by Jen, Sarah M. Holm and Sweet T.

And for this year’s show, ArielSimone is once again pairing with unmatched local designer of Realia Jewelry Jen Scheffler.

Art work by Bryant Locher, Caroline Debevec, Daniel Jaffe, Emilie Robinson and Isa Gagarin. AND  a short film by Andrea Bursott.

It’s a cash bar only event, and please not that this event will start promptly at 7pm. Unlike past years, there will not be two separate shows, so please come on time to see section 1 and section 2 of the show!

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, ArielSimone has a plethora of tickets left, so please email Adrienne directly at Adrienne@ArielSimone.com. Tickets can also be purchased at Cliché.