P.R. Ep. 11: “Heidi has like… 105 kids”

This week the designers meet Heidi at Babies ‘R Us where she introduces them to her newest venture Truly Scrumptious, affordable clothing for babies size newborn-24 months. The designers are then challenged to create a look for her line, the winning boy and girl look is going to be sold at all Babies ‘R Us as a part of Truly Scrumptious.

Heidi provides the fabric and notions from her collection, then they are introduced their clients and given 30 minutes to sketch. When they reach the sewing room they find a dossier of the current Truly Scrumptuous collection along with baby mannequins and mechanical babies that they have to take care of during the duration of the challenge.

When Heidi comes in to check up on the designers she presents them with a twist, they also have to make an additional piece for the mother to wear in compliment to their baby’s look.

Top Boy and Girl Look

Boy – Sonjia

She made a great sportswear suit, the cutest three-piece suit ever. Instead of traditionally making a suit of wool she made it with sweat suit material, making this look very wearable and comfortable.  I love how she wanted him to look like a grown man, and her model Jude was the cutest baby ever. The mom’s look was gorgeous also, I would buy that look tomorrow if I saw it.

Girl – Christopher

Even though he had the most difficult, picky client, he did the best job in sticking to his guns and designing a formal set of floral dresses for both the toddler and mother. The femininity of both looks was whimsical and sweet, ultimately bringing him a win.

Bottom Look


This tight ruched dress didn’t work for the toddler with her diaper hanging out of the bottom. Unfortunately, the vest that she made was awesome, but this dress just didn’t work for the busy toddler.

Who to Watch

Melissa – The designers complain about her time management skills, she barely finished this week. Her designs in general just aren’t memorable, thinking back through the past episodes I literally don’t remember any looks that she’s done.

I’m so excited for next week’s episode! The next elimination will bring the top designers to the Fashion Week collection and I can’t wait to see who goes home!


Fashion’s Night Out

This past Thursday was the global wide event known as Fashion’s Night Out! Fashion’s Night Out happens all over the world in fashion capitals to celebrate the new season and to stimulate the economy (if you can afford to shop!)

This year a few of my apparel design girls and I headed over to Neiman Marcus and a few other retailers downtown Minneapolis.

Here are a few photos of us from the night:

xoxo, Lucie Jane

Fall 2012 Trend: Houndstooth

TREND ALERT! A psychedelic twist on traditional houndstooth is all the rage for fall! The classic black and white look has been replaced with vibrant modern colors that make it anything but ordinary. These bold patterns were seen in varying forms, from suits, to coats, to dresses.

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This vivacious pattern suit was seen at House of a Holland (left), while the trend was paired with sheer fabric to create this sexy evening dress at Pucci (right). Dior took the trend a step further, pairing it with the fall muted pattern trend, to create this statement trench with scaled-back houndstooth print (center). This colorful print is being seen in everything from outerwear and dresses, to handbags and other accessories in soft and hard textures. With this trend it’s all about making a statement. Pair a colorful houndstooth piece with a classic black legging for an edgy city look. Or use it as an accent piece by updating a classic look with houndstooth accessories like Emma Stone in these Salvatore Ferragamo houndstooth pumps. We also love this Oscar de la Renta houndstooth dress for a more elegant and professional look for the chic business-savvy.

GET THE LOOK: Want to rock this trendy style?  Try the ArileSimone houndstooth headband for a classic and elegant look in black and white, or choose a custom color for a more daring statement piece.  Admittedly the best accessory to any outfit that will spruce up that wardrobe and put some flirt back into your frock.

By Joanna Komvopoulos

{Photo 1} {Photo 2} {Photo 3} {Photo 4} Final Photo: ArielSimone for ILWYW.com

Make It Work!

So, as you probably know, Project Runway kicked off a new season, and the premier episode aired last week! I had the pleasure of attending the viewing party we held here in MN at Moto-i because one of Minnesota’s own, Raul Osario, is in this seasons line up of contestants! During the episode I got to sit by a few great friends, one of them being  Christopher Straub of Project Runway Alum. He dilighted us with hilarious comentary and stories from when he was a contestant.

If you missed it, I will give a brief overview. Project Runway is in its 10th season, and they brought the final runway show to Times Square like they did in their very first episode! After introducing the designers, we see that each of the new contestants have brought a look from home that ‘represents them as a designer’, and are challenged to make a piece to go along with that one. They are sent to mood with a $100 budget, and then the real fun begins!

I thought the challenge this week was good, because you got to see what the designers could do with unlimited time, and then what they could do with a time limit. Instead of reviewing the entire episode, I’m going to rate my top 3, bottom look, and which designers to watch!!

Top 3 Looks

Nathan Paul

I love the colors he chose, and the way he manipulates these fabrics is beautiful. He definately knows a womans body, and how to make a beautiful gown.

Elena Slivnyak

These pieces are amazing! I don’t even want to know how long it took her to make that jacket! I also love how the black and white dress fits the body so well. The color blocking accentuate the models figure in a great way.

Ven Budhu

I don’t even know how he manipulated this bodice, and the pleated pant suit is to die for! The little pink dress is cute too, I love the elegance that this designer is bringing to the competition!

Bottom Look

Lantie Foster

Simply put, I don’t know who her client is, or who would wear these pieces.

Ones to Watch!

Christopher Palu – Already a fan favorite, this designer’s got an attitude, and skills to back it up!

Alicia Hardesty – She’s got an awesome point of view that I think needs to be seen. Her clientele is an untouched area in the market.

Kooan Kosuke – This Japanese-American is not so much known for his skill as he is for his sense of humor and misunderstanding. He is hilarious!

I hope you will join me in watching Project Runway this season! Also, please comment and let me know if you agree with my top and bottom choices. We will definately be back next week to review Episode 2.


By Adrienne Yancy

The Briefest History of Fashion Week by Adrienne Yancy

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has officially begun! This once little known event has grown into a seasonal social media event where anyone who is somebody travels to NYC during  to cover the shows, style spot on the streets of the city, star search, or just party like a rock star! I’ve been going to fashion week since 2005, and each for a different reason.


When I was a college student at Howard University, we used to sneak into the shows to see the new trends, and to just be in the Tent when it was held at Bryant Park. We loved being treated like stars inside the tent by all of the volunteers and vendors. My favorite memory was going backstage after Anna Sui’s show and having champagne with the designer, models, and watching the press interviews.  Afterwards we went outside and talked with the designer herself, when she went to have a smoke after her press was booted! During Fashion’s Night Out, I’ve had the pleasure of running into such Idols as Karl Lagerfeld, Andre Leon Talley, and Pharrel of N.E.R.D. I’ve also gone to the City to party and attend magazine events and launch parties. Most recently as my and my industry friends’ businesses have been growing, I’ve shown during fashion week, and I’ve been invited to attend many more important shows and events.

ArielSimone – 2010

But, fashion week wasn’t always this breathtaking of an event. Long before this became a multi-city event, designers would show their newest collections at department stores like Saks, and Neiman Marcus. In France, Christian Dior hosted his first show at his salon in 1947.

 ‘Bar’ Suit and Jacket – 1947 Spring/Summer Collection

Even into the 60’s Fashion Week was a small smattering of people, but one noteworthy event, Paco Rabanne, former jewelry designer-turned fashion designer and fashion futurist featured the first black fashion week model Donyale Luna, she subsequently became the first black woman to grace the cover of Vogue. This paved the way for Beverly Johnson and Iman in the 70’s and Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell in the 80’ and 90’s.

Donyale Luna – First Black Runway Model {Photo Source}


At that time in the ‘90’s certain models became Supermodels, and at one point they were being paid upwards of $10,000 for a single show, with maybe two looks, three most! Fast forward to today, and most models are lucky to get $200 for a fashion week show. Fashion Week has since expanded all over the globe, including the now-major fashion cities London, Milan, and Paris. The wave-maker Karl Lagerfeld even took his 2008 show to the Great Wall of China!

 Karl Lagerfeld – 2007 {Photo Source}

The term ‘model’ has been defined countless times over. Anorexia and drugs have played a big part in many scandalous stories about numerous models and designers over the years, while size has shifted from waif thin to curvy and back a myriad of times. Models of color are still rare and seen in trends, some seasons ‘black is in’ as they say (whatever that means) and lately albinism has been a trendy look. The sex of the model doesn’t play as big a role as before either, now we see many more female models that were men in the past.

Lea T – Transgender model {Photo Source}

I can’t wait to see the looks and trends for Fall/Winter that will be coming off of the runways this coming week! And for all of you in Minneapolis and St. Paul, be sure to check out my next show for MN fashion week: The Red Dress Collection.

by Adrienne Yancy