Summer in Cali! by Lucie Jane

Hello everyone! Hopefully you are all enjoying the summer weather!  I am now back from my trip and loving being back in the Midwest! But, that being said, I am also excited to head back to California later this summer!


I was just informed that I will be working as an assistant to one of my professors (featured in the above photo) for Convergence Conference 2012 in Long Beach!  The conference brings together apparel design professionals and professors to teach and share their expertise on different aspects of the field.  I will be assisting my professor, Dr. Lucy Dunne, with her seminar and workshop about electronic textiles and fibers and how they are used in functional clothing.  This has a lot to do with my NASA project I worked on last semester, so I am very excited about the opportunity!

Here are a few photos of Dr. Dunne’s current and previous work!



 xoxo Lucie Jane

Fashion and Finals by Lucie Jane

This past week has been my finals week for the U of M, as well as sprinkled with a few super fun fashion events.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of modeling for the Minnesota Design Diaries for the second year in a row. This is a wonderful event where 5 local fashion designers get paired up with elementary and junior high girls who are interested in making a career in fashion design.  They work together over a period of 2-3 months to create clothing inspired by their professional design mentor.  The program concludes with a fashion show led by 5 professional models wearing the professional designers clothing. I got to wear this amazing dress by designer Kathryn V, pictured below!

On Friday morning, our NASA class from the U of M was honored by the College of Design for our efforts in our Electronic Textiles projects.  Below is a shot of some of the group with our professor!

I also found this photo of designer Marissa Bridges as well as myself and a group of models at the FGI fashion show a few weeks ago. Love it!

Wish me luck with the rest of my finals!

xo, Lucie Jane

NASA: Final! by Lucie Jane

I’m back! This past weekend I was in Houston, TX presenting my group’s final prototype to NASA! It was an amazing experience, a very stressful one, but also extremely fun.

We flew from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Houston, TX by way of Atlanta.  Our first night in Houston, Thursday night, our group stayed up until 3am working on finalizing our prototype and getting our presentation just right for our meeting with NASA Friday morning.  The day of our presentation went great! Our NASA mentors were very impressed with what we had come up with and what we had accomplished in such a short time span.

After our presentation sessions we had a private tour of some of the NASA displays and facilities. It was amazing to see some of the machines, technologies, apparel and vehicles that NASA has used in the past, as well as some of the prototypes of things they are working on for the future.

Here are some photos from our day at NASA!

Check out my blog for pictures from our evening out in Texas!

xo, Lucie Jane

NASA: Final Stages by Lucie Jane

This past weekend I spent most of my time in the apparel design studios at my school (University of Minnesota) working on my group’s NASA project.  Its been crazy, but super interesting.

We’ve finally moved onto the final stages, which is mapping out the actual circuitry and where all the electronic components will go– exciting!  Our garment will completely enclose a circuitry system that powers the entire suit, which means we have to figure out how and where to sew our conductive thread traces.

Here is a photo of our pattern pieces with out trace markings:

We also have to make sure our system doesn’t short out or shock the user, so lots of resistance and conductivity tests have to be conducted. Here we are testing the resistance of our conductive thread when sewn through the fabric on both sides…it works!

This Tuesday we cleared our trace maps with our professor and the NASA team, and now are able to move forward with the actual suit!  NASA flies us down to Houston, TX a week from this Thursday, so lots to do!

XO, Lucie Jane

Another NASA Update by Lucie Jane

NASA has been going very well over the past few weeks! Lots of work, prototype testing and circuitry sewing!

A big part of our project has been figuring out how to integrate the apparel and electric parts of our suit design. Our team has been testing various ways to plot out the paths and locations that the electrical leads and “wires” (conductive thread) will take.  We have decided on two layers, an outer suit layer and an inner lining layer, each to house four swatches’ electrical paths.

Here are a few images!

The paper rectangles are representing the swatch locations that our suit will have.  The thread maps out the paths that the electrical charges will run along when the suit is finalized.

We, as a group, are also working on a research paper about our project; research and results are to be published!

Houston, TX in two weeks!!

xo, Lucie Jane

NASA– Here we Come by Lucie Jane

I have amazing news! This semester my studio class and I will be working in collaboration with NASA engineers and designers to create prototypes of garments for astronauts to use on the Mars mission!  I cannot wait!

My team, which consists of two of my classmates and myself, will be focusing on the flight suit that the astronauts wear while inside the space station or shuttle craft.  We will be studying electronic textiles and other intelligent design principles to create a successful prototype.

This project will last the entire semester with designing, testing and working on a final prototype.  In April, we are being flown down to NASA headquarters in Houston, TX to present our designs.

This is such a huge opportunity and I cannot wait to jump into the design process!

Check out my blog for more about this project and updates later on!

xo, Lucie Jane