Coldplay by Lucie Jane

Last weekend my boyfriend Kevin Walker and I had the amazing experience of seeing Colplay live! Coldplay is by far one of my favorite bands and I had one of the best nights of my life!

Charli XCX and Marina & the Diamonds opened and were both phenomenal.  You could really tell why they were opening for a band like Coldplay, both had epic peppy backing bands with deep and sometimes solemn lyrics. Marina was my favorite of the two and I’m definitely digging her on my iTunes now.

On to the real show, COLDPLAY!  The boys were great and you could really tell that they honestly loved being on stage and interacting with their audience.  We also were their last stop on the North American tour, so our show was a bit special 😉

Check out some photos below, and my youtube and blog last this week for more!

xoxo, Lucie Jane



Extraordinary Machine

Last night I got the opportunity to see Fiona Apple live at the Orpheum Theatre, thanks to 96.3K-Twin. The night opened with Fiona’s guitarist who did a private set, switching guitars for different songs, it was wonderful seeing the other talented artists on stage without Fiona. He was backed by the other band members for some of the songs, the band consisting of an organist, cellist, DJ, and most surprisingly, a female drummer.



Once Fiona’s frail silhouette walked on stage, though, the crowd really showed their excitement. She started her set with ‘Fast as You Can’ and everyone got into the mood of her commercial hit. Her first few songs were very shaky, like she had stage fright, but she did finally open up a bit and flirt with the audience, after which her vibrato sounded dark and heady like normal. One of the highlights for me was seeing her on the keys, because she’s definitely not known for her vocal range. Overall, it was a packed house and a great show, and I’m now a Fiona Apple fan!



By Adrienne Yancy

In Praise of Didi by Jesse Leaneagh

I have long been obsessed with Cheb Khaled, the Algerian music celeb who made famous the Algerian form of folk music “raï ” by adding pop and rock elements. Most of all I return again and again to the song “Didi,” perhaps his biggest hit and definitely a banger.

I just discovered the official video, which confirms this song is meant for party time– Pan horns, shirtlessness, and random crowns of leaves set the stage for a Dionysian bacchanal. And the said musical horns add the perfect, special brand of Arab funkiness (this was also the same year Prince released his Love Symbol album, FYI).

Anyway, there are some amazing looks in this video: Khaled’s shirt and rattail, every woman in this video is wearing something cool (that green and gold dress!!), and that guy wearing a black and white vertical-striped tank under overalls?! Meow.

Pitchfork said last year was the year of the saxophone. Let’s extend that trend and resurrect “Didi” in 2012. When do fashion trends repeat? Every ten years? Let’s say every twenty.

by Jesse Leaneagh