Cliche Meeting– New Spring Garments

The stream-line process has begun!

Yesterday we met with our new Manufacturing team and today we had a boutique meeting with our favorite Minneapolis boutique Cliche. We were able to discuss  some of our spring collection garments with Josh and he placed his order based on what will sell best with his customer.  We are so excited! Just wanted to let you know that this spring you will be able to get the following pieces at Cliche:

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We will continue to update you on how things are going with our manufacturers. We love this new addition to our ArielSimone team and we are thrilled that our plans to expand are starting to unfold in such a positive way! We also have a very special project we are working on that we can’t wait to share!!

Early Stages of Developing a Manufacturing Team

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We have some exciting news to share before we ring in the New Year. In 2012 we will be adding members to the ArielSimone team! ArielSimone has been diligently working to build a small manufacturing team to assist with producing our seasonal collections.  Our lofty goals are in high hopes of expanding our brand and product in 2012!!

Many designers will eventually run into the dilemma that we have….how can we reach more people with only one person behind the sewing machine? There is an undeniable growing demand for the ArielSimone line as we gain more exposure.  We love this, and we want to continue to reach even more people by adding more online retail sites in 2012. We  also have plans to sell our collections to more than one boutique in the new year. More opportunities and places to buy ArielSimone simply means more ArielSimone product. This is such an exciting vision, but not a job for one person– we need additional sewers!

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Since this was a new venture for us, we were not sure how we wanted to go about doing it. We knew that we wanted it to be cost-effective, and well-managed. While we wanted it to free us up for brand representation as well as increasing sale volume, we did not want to over-produce and lose resources. One of our values at ArielSimone– and something that sets us apart from other clothing lines—is that all of our clothing is hand-made. We decided that finding contract sewers was a good place to start for our ready to wear clothing.  Admittedly, we are both thrilled and nervous to move in this direction, but we are definitely confident that this is the right direction for ArielSimone. We look forward to sharing this journey with you all!