Reading Recommendation for the Female Entrepreneur

As a modern woman with great ideas, there may come a moment in your life  where you just might want to be your own boss. Especially if you spend your days in a cube… and instead of sending out faxes and looking at excel spreadsheets, you spend hours dreaming of being apart of  the creative world! Maybe you are already there, working from your home but feel slightly alienated as your other friends have more traditional careers and can’t relate to the often less stable option of working for yourself. Regardless of where you are, we have a recommended reading that will  POSITIVELY encourage you!

“I’m  reading a great book right now that’s helping me enlarge and let go of things that I really need to. The Girls Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business, by Susan Wilson Solovic...” —Adrienne Yancy

Meet Susan Wilson Solovic,  an award- winning entrepreneur, attorney, journalist, best-selling author and media personality to name a few.  She is the CEO and co-founder of and responsible of  leading the company from a concept to a multi-million dollar enterprise.

We definitely recommend this book to any female business owners or women striving to launch their own company . It’s a great, fast read and there are plenty of other female bosses out there doing their thing just like you!

Everyone Should Stumble

Well, what do we mean by this? Perhaps we mean you should  imagine yourself on the way to work tripping on the sidewalk only to find a large dollar bill…. or posibly we mean for you to visualize yourself out at happy hour, falling your way to the bar as you meet the person of your dreams. Here’s a good figurative one: picture yourself making a series of bad choices that really lead you to the best possible choice? Could that be what we mean when we say that everyone should stumble? No, that is NOT what we mean AT ALL!

Adrienne explains…..

I recently began stumbling, thanks to my lovely Etsy team: Promotional Frenzy. And that’s provided me with so much inspiration– now I find it easy to be inspired in the comfort of my home! I encourage everyone to stumble.

We are talking about a free sharing application site that allows you to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ and make recommendations  to your friends. Stumble your way through other peoples’ ideas and inspirations so that you may add to your own. It’s wonderful!

{Source: Trendland: Alexander McQueen}

Here are some of Adrienne’s stumble found favorites:

  • Trendland is a fashion blog, with amazing photos, links, videos, etc.
  • Musicovery allows you to find music stations based on your mood, or a favorite artist. Like pandora but better!
Try it and let us know what you think!