BB – WHATS IN A NAME by Kate Johnson

BB Creme…. Unless you have been in a beauty-starved cave for the last couple months, you have probably heard of, seen and hopefully played with some BB Creme.  There are so many out there and most aren’t sure what it ACTUALLY is…..But I will tell you this– it’s AMAZING!
BB Creme was originally developed for post plastic surgery and  burn victims to rapidly repair and regenerate the skin. The high intensity of anti-oxidents that are not found in any other products on the market and the incredibly rapid way that they absorb into the skin have made BB Cremes a huge success for years in Asia. For whatever reason, the American market only in the last 2 years has jumped on board with this phenomenon.
While up until December, it was only skin care lines that had come out with BB Cremes  but now a couple makeup lines have come out with them. I wear the Smashbox one because it actually has a color range of shades (where most are one) and gives quite a bit of covereage without making me look shiny or opalescent, which I find some of the others do. As I have oily skin, I need the hydration it provides (water) to balance me out but want a more natural matte finish. Technically,  a primer is built in so this is an all in one product for that person who is on the go. And with an SPF ranging from 25-50, it also quite effectively takes care of sun protection needs while giving you that natural glow you often get from a tinted moisturizer. It gives light to medium coverage depending on the brand, protects with anti oxidants and SPF, hydrates your skin and most importantly controls oil.
So how do you wear BB Creme? 
  • As an all in one product? YES
  • As a PRIMER under foundation for complete coverage of redness or hyper pigmentation? YES
  • As a FOUNDATION over primer if you need instant visual results on oil-absorption or fine lines ( This is me)? YES
  • As a CONCEALER in any of the above situations? YES ( it will lift and firm the under eye area)
Now all you need is a little tiny bit and have someone show you how to apply this… this is not your basic foundation. You do not need to move this in circles. Fan this out with your fingers from the center of your face outward. Always going in one direction. As an example, just go down on your nose and out on your cheeks and under eyes. Take the face in sections. This will help with the pigment placement to look amazing still at the end of the day. The BB sets quickly and you will have your face done in less than 30 seconds after the first time.
So at the end of the day YES just wear it. Like your favorite pair of jeans that you can dress up or down, that go with everything and make you look your most amazing. Its the perfect summer foundation that will have your skin and wallet thanking you when Fall comes around.
by Kate Johnson, of Kate Johnson Artistry