Lady in Leather- Another Fall Fashion Trend

Ladies rejoice!! Leather is back this fall in every way! From accessories, to accents, to full leather pieces, leather is one of the hottest trends for 2012.  No longer is leather just for handbags and shoes.  The runways displayed the fashionable detail at NY fashion week and now the department stores are stocked with everything leather!  I particularly like the trend towards colored leathers like this red leather sleeveless mini dress by Alice + Olivia.  The shear ribbed back on this dress is seriously to die for!

Not a fan of wearing real leather but love the leather look?  Try this amazing Free People Vegan Leather dress.  I just bought this last week and can’t wait to wear it!

For the fashionista that wants to pair fall trends, try color-blocking leather like this black and white piece by Milly.

 An ultimate must-have: leather accents!  AIKO pairs the comfort of a jersey dress with leather accent sleeves and the fall 2012 burgundy trend with this fashionable mini that would be perfect for fall.  Try styling it with some black sheer tights and black over-the-knee boots for the ultimate city chic look.

Want to rock the trend in an edgier fashion?  Go snag yourself a great pair of leather leggings like these rag & bone zipper accent leggings or these faux-leather blocked leggings by BCBGmaxazria which will look great with any sky-high pump.

I am really loving this leather trend and finding key pieces to pair with classics in my closet has been practically effortless.  If you buy one trend piece this year, this is my absolute favorite!

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by Joanna Komvopoulos


Burgundy is the New Black

While the little black dress might always be in style, this fall we are plunging into the deep shades of crimson red, bordeaux, and sangria-hues.  Yes ladies, burgundy is the new black!  These merlot colored hues were seen all over the runway for the upcoming fall season.  This rich color was particularly evident in outerwear such as this Rag & Bone jacket, but the trend was taken to new heights when designers paired the burgundy hues with a lacquered finish, giving the style a slick look.  My favorite season must-have piece is the shiny burgundy coat.  Alexander Wang  showed the trend in a double-breasted trench, while Tim Coppens extended his use of burgundy  in his men’s wear collection with futuristic military outerwear.  Although I love the trend, for those less daring, I suggest finding accessories in these crimson colors to accentuate a classic look.  Perhaps a perfect pair of burgundy leather gloves or a silk deep oxblood scarf to set off any fall outfit? Yes, please.

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by  Joanna Komvopoulos

Fall 2012 Trend: Houndstooth

TREND ALERT! A psychedelic twist on traditional houndstooth is all the rage for fall! The classic black and white look has been replaced with vibrant modern colors that make it anything but ordinary. These bold patterns were seen in varying forms, from suits, to coats, to dresses.

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This vivacious pattern suit was seen at House of a Holland (left), while the trend was paired with sheer fabric to create this sexy evening dress at Pucci (right). Dior took the trend a step further, pairing it with the fall muted pattern trend, to create this statement trench with scaled-back houndstooth print (center). This colorful print is being seen in everything from outerwear and dresses, to handbags and other accessories in soft and hard textures. With this trend it’s all about making a statement. Pair a colorful houndstooth piece with a classic black legging for an edgy city look. Or use it as an accent piece by updating a classic look with houndstooth accessories like Emma Stone in these Salvatore Ferragamo houndstooth pumps. We also love this Oscar de la Renta houndstooth dress for a more elegant and professional look for the chic business-savvy.

GET THE LOOK: Want to rock this trendy style?  Try the ArileSimone houndstooth headband for a classic and elegant look in black and white, or choose a custom color for a more daring statement piece.  Admittedly the best accessory to any outfit that will spruce up that wardrobe and put some flirt back into your frock.

By Joanna Komvopoulos

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Dramatic Head Pieces on the Runway

If you thought hats where only for Kate Middleton and the royal family, think again.  I am loving Philip Treacy’s couture hats as he puts a special twist on classic styles. From head to toe, avant-garde accessories are certainly turning heads on the runway.


Philip Treacy has been known for his extraordinary designs and extravagant clientele such as Lady Gaga and Grace Jones.  He has also designed for Valentino, Versace, Alexander McQueen and Chanel amongst others.  Many tuned in for the loyal wedding last year, but what left a lasting impression, was the intricate and specialized hats of Mr. Treacy. The historic event was almost like a showcase of Treacy couture as Princess Eugenie, Zara Philips, and Princess Beatrice all modeled Philip Treacy hats.


These dramatic masterpieces were all the fuss, but what is most exciting is his new collection that exhibits elaborate and colorful pieces that make a statement of their own.  Through intricate designs, specialized textures, and fantastical imagery, Philip Treacy has taken hats to a new level.  Inspired by art, he juxtaposes past and future into avant-garde wearable art.    With Philip Treacy hats it is all about making a dramatic statement and donning the ultimate glamorous accessory. And of course, what girl doesn’t love some glamorous art to accessories with? I mean, if SJP is wearing one….


By Joanna Komvopoulos

Understanding your Unique SKIN by Kate Johnson

When I meet a new client, the first question I always ask is: ” If there was one thing you could change about your skin, texture or color, what would it be?”

As you read this blog, I’m sure that your answer popped up immediately in your head. In fact, I don’t know anyone who honestly looks in the mirror first thing in the mornings and says… “Yes! I’m perfect!” If that is you ….. Honey, tell me where that fountain of youth is!

I think that we all look at celebrities, see how beautiful and perfect they look and wonder what is it they use! If it works for them, it will work for us.

And of course, then, there are the covers of the “rag mags” where they show how “horrifying” celebrities look without makeup. My goodness! To be honest, when I see those, I usually think… ugh… that’s what  my white blonde eyebrows and I look like in the mornings, too. I mean come on, cut a girl some slack!!

But we are used to seeing these perfected beings, and we are told to look up to and idolize. Yes they are  (mostly) talented and, yes,  they are lucky (always) but I think that in reality, they have people on staff to tell them what to do every day….

Dont have that? Well, that’s why we are here to make you your own expert. The secret for us regular, non-celebrity beauties is knowing your skin and its habits. And I mean REALLY knowing your skin. So over the next few blogs I’ve decided to focus on skin types. Not only what we think we are but what we really are. I promise you that often these are quite different.

We will review the following types:

  • Dry skin / Dehydrated Skin
  • Oily Skin/ Acneic Skin Combination
  • Thin skin ( Rice Paper)
After that bit of education, you will know which skin type group you fit in and some of the best products that will have your skin loving you. After all, you should be in charge of your skin not your skin in charge of your life right?

So let’s explore this and take our beauty by the reigns! Because you can’t rock that fabulous red lipstick for your next event if your skin is looking less that fabulous.

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by Kate Johnson of Kate Johnson Artistry
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Beauty at any Size by Lucie Jane

Its no secret that fashion revolves around thinness– from the models who walk the runways to the clothing with shape-wear made to “instantly slim you!”.  Recently, this obsession with skinny has gone to the extreme, with the average runway model having measurements around 32-23-33: a waist size of 23 inches is listed on many child size garments.  Models also start working at incredibly young ages (some as early as 12 or 13) because their bodies haven’t had the time to develop curves, etc. When they do start to hit puberty and start developing, many girls have to resort to very unhealthy measures to keep their figures, sometimes even developing eating disorders.

Recently the CFDA released a list of guidelines for the fashion industry to follow regarding model size and age. More specifically, that designers shouldn’t use models under the age of 16 for their shows, campaigns, etc. (Above is the image they paired with their statement, showing a healthy and muscular model, Bar Refaeli)

The initiative also stated that coordinators should provide healthy foods backstage at shoots, shows and events, and make sure models eat. Just a few weeks ago, all the editors of Vogue magazine worldwide, released their first ever Health Initiative, in hopes that it will “encourage a healthier approach to body image within the industry.” It states that casting agents should not be casting models who are under 16 years old or who appear to have an eating disorder.  They also urge designers to increase the size of their sample size, which is now a 0.

These measures could pave the way for models who don’t quite fit the current mold, and its starting to work. Recently, Lily Cole, a high fashion model, was listed at 34-26-37 on her comp card, which is much larger than the norm.

This is a step in the right direction, but there is more to be done, and I hope the fashion industry continues to embrace all sizes of beauty! Check out my blog  later this week for a look at what I aim to do as a designer to combat this issue 🙂

xo, Lucie Jane

Summer! by Lucie Jane

Its summer! Finally! My grades are coming in from finals, and so far I’m quite pleased! I will be heading home, to Iowa City, to visit my parents for a bit before jumping into Twin Cities summer full force! I plan to design and work on the beginnings of my senior line for next year at the University of Minnesota, as well as some other design endeavors.  I also want to spend a lot of time in a bathing suit: modeling, walking, sunbathing, swimming: you name it!

A few weeks ago I was a model for my favorite twin brothers, Tim +Thom, wearing one of their looks for the Eco-Inspirations show which their boutique, You and Me, headlined.  They created a line of party wear/formal wear made entirely out of upcycled fabrics: amazing.

Here is a shot of me in my beautiful dress!

I also am in the process of seeking representation from a different agency(s) here in the cities.  The agency I was previously with, while a great agency, just wasn’t working for what I wanted to do.  I have met with a few people and hope to start working more regularly soon! 🙂

Later this week/weekend, I will be posting videos on my YouTube page as well as personal blog on my NASA trip, as well as a few other possibilities, so stay tuned!


xo, Lucie Jane