MNFashion Kick-off Season by Lucie Jane

Its coming! MNFashion week is coming soon! This season’s fashion week will be held September 22 through 28th. There are trunk shows, boutique open houses, etc, and best of all: The Shows! The Shows are a series that MNFashion has been producing for the past year or so, showcasing successful local designers by putting on a show with full collections. This year designers include ArielSimone, Christopher Straub, Blasphamina’s Closet, Emma Berg, and others. Find out more info, and buy tickets, here.
This past Sunday I had a great time modeling for the lookbooks and promotional material for two of my all time favorite designers: Christopher Straub and ArielSimone! Christopher’s line showcases his talent with digital prints and gowns, and Adrienne’s line features some of her famous and unique swimwear. Here are a few sneak peaks below!

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Hope to see you at the shows!
xoxo Lucie Jane

Make It Work!

So, as you probably know, Project Runway kicked off a new season, and the premier episode aired last week! I had the pleasure of attending the viewing party we held here in MN at Moto-i because one of Minnesota’s own, Raul Osario, is in this seasons line up of contestants! During the episode I got to sit by a few great friends, one of them being  Christopher Straub of Project Runway Alum. He dilighted us with hilarious comentary and stories from when he was a contestant.

If you missed it, I will give a brief overview. Project Runway is in its 10th season, and they brought the final runway show to Times Square like they did in their very first episode! After introducing the designers, we see that each of the new contestants have brought a look from home that ‘represents them as a designer’, and are challenged to make a piece to go along with that one. They are sent to mood with a $100 budget, and then the real fun begins!

I thought the challenge this week was good, because you got to see what the designers could do with unlimited time, and then what they could do with a time limit. Instead of reviewing the entire episode, I’m going to rate my top 3, bottom look, and which designers to watch!!

Top 3 Looks

Nathan Paul

I love the colors he chose, and the way he manipulates these fabrics is beautiful. He definately knows a womans body, and how to make a beautiful gown.

Elena Slivnyak

These pieces are amazing! I don’t even want to know how long it took her to make that jacket! I also love how the black and white dress fits the body so well. The color blocking accentuate the models figure in a great way.

Ven Budhu

I don’t even know how he manipulated this bodice, and the pleated pant suit is to die for! The little pink dress is cute too, I love the elegance that this designer is bringing to the competition!

Bottom Look

Lantie Foster

Simply put, I don’t know who her client is, or who would wear these pieces.

Ones to Watch!

Christopher Palu – Already a fan favorite, this designer’s got an attitude, and skills to back it up!

Alicia Hardesty – She’s got an awesome point of view that I think needs to be seen. Her clientele is an untouched area in the market.

Kooan Kosuke – This Japanese-American is not so much known for his skill as he is for his sense of humor and misunderstanding. He is hilarious!

I hope you will join me in watching Project Runway this season! Also, please comment and let me know if you agree with my top and bottom choices. We will definately be back next week to review Episode 2.


By Adrienne Yancy