P. R. Ep 8: Street Hustle

This week the designers are shocked to find out that they are doing fundraising on the streets of NY to raise money for fabrics to be used on their next challenge. They are put into collaborative teams of three and sent into the designing room.

They are given plain white T-shirts and tanks to decorate with glitter and ribbon, then they take on the pedestrian New Yorkers.

Their challenge is to create 2 fall looks with one of the looks including outerwear.

Christopher, Gunnar, Sonjia –

This team created the top looks this week, with Sonjia as the winner for her forest green 3/4 sleeve jacket. This jacket looked impeccable and I personally loved the detail in the front, it looked wonderfully tailored. The coat that they showed was also really nice and I loved the cutoff long leather gloves! Gunnar’s dresses featured great blocking with the dark leather, he definitely made up for being on the bottom last week. This team worked well together and it definitely showed.

Dmitry, Elena, Alicia –

Dmitry created a great dress, but his grandma shawl was a bust. We’ve seen his outside seaming done before, so this time I wished he would have put the seams on the inside. I don’t like the color or cut of the top on the second look and Elena’s jacket is too large for the model and the silhouette of the clothing underneath. In general the two looks mesh almost as badly as the team members did.

Ven, Melissa, Fabio –

This team didn’t fare so well this week either. To start, I don’t like the color pallet, but I loved the styling. The white crop jacket is great, but the skirt length on the second look is matronly. The knit that is used for both of the tops is a bit too tight and way too sheer. The judges didn’t like these two looks at all and are questioning what happened at the fabric store, since they raised $800, more than any other team. Their looks could have been found at the bottom of a bin from the second-hand store.

Who to Watch

Elena – When will she get it? We’re all sick of her negative attitude… Her clothes are getting as bad as her anger issues.

Sonjia – Through and through, she stays true to her aesthetic, and she’s starting to become the clear winner in my mind!

Next week there are only 8 designers, and this coming week the top 5 of them will be showing their collection for NYFW…I have a slew of friends in NYC who will have the inside scoop, so stay tuned for our next P.R. episode post!!


P.R. Ep. 7: Lord & Taylor Challenge

Welcome back! This week is our 7th Project Runway recap  and 9 designers remain. This episode opens with the designers meeting Tim at the Lord & Taylor flagship store. There they get to view 9 mannequins with past season contestants’ designs on display for the Project Runway 10 year anniversary collection that Lord & Taylor will be presenting.

They are then challenged to create an evening or cocktail dress to join the other 9 looks for the anniversary collection that will be manufactured by Lord & Taylor and sold at the flagship store and online and it must retail between $200-$300. The winning look will be featured in the 5th Ave window display.

President  of L&T Bonnie Brooks is this weeks the guest judge, and challenges them to make sure that they design for the Lord & Taylor customer who is stylish, loves fashion and has great taste.

Elena breaks down in this episode because she’s not sure she can take her avant garde aesthetic into the mass market. Everyone seems pretty nervous about production except Ven, of course! The designers and judges are both annoyed at Christian’s raw edge technique, and to be frank, I’m getting annoyed with it too. JS collection has provided fabric and notions for this challenge and will be the manufacturer for the winning design.



He created a detailed and sleek look that is great for the high-end client, and the colors are great. Once again, though, he uses his signature fabric technique.


I love his technique, and honestly am not sick of it yet, but it’s nothing new coming from him either. This dress is chic and beautiful, and could fit so many different types of bodies.


This look is sleek and elegant, but at the same time very simple. There are many different looks that I think you can get from this silhouette,  but it is still trendy with the asymmetrical hem.



The dropped waist and high neckline were not flattering, and the fabric did not suit this silhouette very well. I am rooting for Alicia though, I really like her personality.

Who to watch

Elena – She’s gone through every emotion this week, and I’m curious to see if her being on the top after her breakdown will bring her to new heights for the next challenge.

Another team challenge is coming up on Thursday, and it looks like there’s going to be even more drama! Tune in at 8-CST on the Lifetime network to check it out.