Fierce Fashion at ‘The Oscars of Fashion’

Yesterday was the CFDA awards ceremony, honoring excellence in fashion design. If you are not familiar, it stands for Council of Fashion Designers of America. This non-profit trade association consists of more than 300 designers and artists. They work to promote fashion and accessory designers, bring more awareness to the art, and raise the professional standards, codes and ethical practices.

This annual ceremony consists of awards for Lifetime Achievement, Best Womenswear and Menswear Designer, and Emerging Ready-to-Wear Talent. This year, Tommy Hilfiger was awarded with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, but the biggest winners were the Olsen twins, who won as Best Womenswear Designer for their line The Row.

So who stood out at the fashion awards?

Julianne Hough – I adore this dress on her. The pleats are in all the right places, and the length of the dress is ideal. Metallic is the next trend, and this silver belt goes perfectly. Mainly, I love a plunging neckline on a small busted woman. She looks so sexy and sophisticated!

Dakota Fanning – Looks striking in this brocade look. It’s more of a statement than I think she’s used to, but the entire look is fantastic, the shoes and bag are great compliments. I love the trim around and within the whole garment. Notice the metallic!

Lily Collins – Proves that metallic is coming back strong! This cute little dress is so unique with the mixing of gold and silver, the dropped waist, and large bird; such a unique combination. She looks very sweet, as opposed to edgy, and I like that.

Solange Knowles – She has been ‘one to watch’ in the fashion world for quite a few years now. I love the yellow on her skin tone, and the cage-like blocks on her dress, they are working wonders for her figure. I’m usually not a fan of clear shoes, but these look great with the metallic ankle strap.

Karolina Kurkova – I usually see her in full hair and makeup, so it’s great to see a simpler look. The cut of this dress is perfectly uncomplicated and the print is well placed, I like that the red is at the top. I love these shoes for this dress.

There were many more well-dressed folks who walked the carpet of this event, but I wanted to show the newer trends specifically and show different ways to make them work. For more Photos.

Another NASA Update by Lucie Jane

NASA has been going very well over the past few weeks! Lots of work, prototype testing and circuitry sewing!

A big part of our project has been figuring out how to integrate the apparel and electric parts of our suit design. Our team has been testing various ways to plot out the paths and locations that the electrical leads and “wires” (conductive thread) will take.  We have decided on two layers, an outer suit layer and an inner lining layer, each to house four swatches’ electrical paths.

Here are a few images!

The paper rectangles are representing the swatch locations that our suit will have.  The thread maps out the paths that the electrical charges will run along when the suit is finalized.

We, as a group, are also working on a research paper about our project; research and results are to be published!

Houston, TX in two weeks!!

xo, Lucie Jane

Review of Fashion Star by Adrienne Yancy

I love shows about fashion and design, so naturally I was really excited to see if the new show Fashion Star had anything on my favorite show Project Runway. The show opened with a meaningless dance segment followed by a lingerie collection from the show host Elle Macpherson. ( I don’t think it was needed and the styling was off.)

The show highlights 14 designers who are offered the chance to become the next great fashion star. Each designer shows one of the latest looks from their collection and they compete to have their look purchased by H&M, Saks Fifth Ave, or Macys. If the look is purchased, consumers can purchase their favorite looks the next day online and at select brick-and-mortar retailers. The season winner gets a 6 Million dollar contract for a collection.

The designers who don’t get offers for their look go into the bottom and risk being eliminated. Each episode one designer gets voted off. Nicole Richie, John Varvatos, and Jessica Simpson are the designers’ mentors, while Nicole Christie is the buyer for H&M, Terron Schaefer is the buyer and Executive VP of Saks Fifth Ave, and Caprice Willard is the 17-year veteran buyer for Macy’s.  For the premier episode, the designers are challenged to create one piece for the buyers that show who they are as a designer.

The Designers:

Orly Shani, The Bartender. She presented a convertible mini skirt; I like the concept of the shell mini skirt, but I don’t think I’d buy it. Bought by Saks for $80,000.

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Edmond Newton, The Hair Stylist.  He presented a halter cocktail dress. I didn’t like the dress because it’s been done so many times before. Macys offered him $60,000 for his look.

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Oscar Fierro, The El Salvadorian Drama Queen. Eveningwear is his specialty and this week he showed a butterfly mini dress. The judges didn’t like the look, since it’s been seen dozens of times already, too. No offers, but he really put up a good fight to stay!

Nikki Poulos , The Swimwear Designer.  She also showed resort wear and tonight showed a Kaftan with three quarter sleeves. Macy’s offered $50,000 for her retro-chic look.

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Nicolas Bowes , The Male Chauvinist . Additionally, a former model, he showed a lambskin motorcycle jacket. They said it’s been seen before… obvi. He made Jessica upset enough to wanna slap him! He didn’t seem to like the fact that women were critiquing his menswear, since they were women!! He got no offers.

Barbara Bates, The Breast Cancer Survivor. She showed a shirt and skirt. No offers.

Sarah Parrott, The Self-taught Designer.  Presented a sexy shift dress with a back cutout. I really liked this design! She’s the first designer to show a look that I really like and could see myself wearing. They loved the dress. $80,000 offer from H&M. They loved the wearability and the edge of the look.

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Ross Bennett , The Texan Tailor. Presented Full Cullottes. I think they’re too baggy, but then again culottes are baggy. They didn’t like his old school silhouette of the pants. They bashed his tailoring, but loved his style and personality. No offers for his pants because of the limited scope of customers.

For some reason they fast-forwarded the show… I guess it was getting repetitive for them too, so we don’t really know who these designers are: Ronnie Escalante, Luciana Scarabello, Lisa Vian Hunter and Lizzie Parker (they did show her get a Macy’s sale, briefly.)

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Kara Laricks, The Androgynous Menswear Designer. She showed a collar as an accessory, and got no offers.

Nzimiro Oputa, The Over-Achiever. He presented a sport coat/blazer. They really liked the sport coat, styling, and permanent stand up collar. $50,000 offer from H&M.

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Overall only six designers made sales and are safe, and eight designers are in the bottom. Nicolas, Oscar, and Kara are chosen as the bottom three. The mentors get a save each week, and this week saved Oscar, while the buyers must drop someone from the final two, and let Nicolas go.

Overall I liked the show, but I didn’t love it. It’s very showy with all the staging and lights and dramatic music, and could be a bit more laid back like Project Runway. For example, I feel like they use a similar stage as The Voice, and I think it makes the show too much of a production, instead of being focused on the actual artists and their work. I don’t care to hear Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie talk throughout the entire show; I want to hear more from the talent. I’m willing to give it another try next week, though.  If you’ve seen the show, we would love to hear your comments!

Red Heart and More Video Bloggin’

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being one of the designers the the Mall of America’s annual Red Hearts for Fashion event.  I designed a tennis workout outfit inspired by the on the go women in my life.  I wanted to create something functional and wearable, but also cute, flattering and versatile.

Here are some shots!

My model, Sarah, is beyond adorable! Love her 🙂

I also posted another video on my youtube channel/vlog!  Those are all my designs I am dancing around in, let me know what you think! 

xo, Lucie Jane

NASA– Here we Come by Lucie Jane

I have amazing news! This semester my studio class and I will be working in collaboration with NASA engineers and designers to create prototypes of garments for astronauts to use on the Mars mission!  I cannot wait!

My team, which consists of two of my classmates and myself, will be focusing on the flight suit that the astronauts wear while inside the space station or shuttle craft.  We will be studying electronic textiles and other intelligent design principles to create a successful prototype.

This project will last the entire semester with designing, testing and working on a final prototype.  In April, we are being flown down to NASA headquarters in Houston, TX to present our designs.

This is such a huge opportunity and I cannot wait to jump into the design process!

Check out my blog for more about this project and updates later on!

xo, Lucie Jane