SFMOMA with a Documentary Neuroscience Type

This past Saturday, after a lovely brunch with friends (lovely = bottomless mimosas), I headed to  SFMOMA with my good friend William (who is a documentary/neuroscience type) to ponder the new Cindy Sherman exhibit, to drink Blue Bottle coffee on the roof and to discuss why all the men at the gallery were gorgeous, but gay.

The first things that caught our eyes were the light installation that was hanging from the roof about 6 stories high. Jim Campbell: Exploded Views  exhibition has been on view since  November 5, 2011 and will end September 25, 2012– only 5 more days to see it. What looked like just lights flickering on and off, were actually a very technical LED light pattern wired to display projected images, which instantly I recognized as modern dancers! I later discovered that it was the infamous (and SF favorite) Alonzo Kings LINES ballet. Such a fan. It was by far my favorite work in the whole museum; I wanted to stand there for hours. There are some videos available online if you aren’t able to get to SFMOMA in time.

The Cindy Sherman photography exhibit was fantastic. Most of the artists perusing the gallery were very stoic even though the work was both provocative, ironically disturbing while also being dark. In most cases, the images were familiar in a hilariously depressing.

Here is what she looks like with out all the makeup and characterization….

As one of the most influential artists of our time, Cindy Sherman has created a provocative photography collection that explores the ever expansive range of identity and representation. Utilizing herself as a model, she transformed her appearance by using wigs, costumes, makeup, prosthetics, and props to create intriguing tableaux and characters inspired by movies, TV, magazines, and art history. Love it.

by Nkechi Njaka
[Source & Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]


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