The Beauty of Rinata

If you didn’t know, I only write about things that I love, food being one of them. Last week as I drove around looking for great Italian, I unexpectedly was drawn to Rinata, the quaint restaurant tucked between a bakery and a balloon shop.

Sitting down I was surprised at how simple and beautiful it was, then we met our server/bartender. His cool demeanor made us feel as if we were the only patrons in the busy restaurant. As we challenged him with questions on the menu, he nonchalantly stated that he knew pretty much nothing about it, as it had changed when he was on vacation, his vacation being a mere 4 days. Nevertheless, as any ignorant traveler, we kept asking him questions to the point where he had to go chill with the chef for a bit.

During our Rinata Q&A with our clueless yet elegant server, we decided on an appetizer. We were presented with baked eggplant stuffed with goat cheese and served on a red sauce.

Next we tried the spagetti and meatballs, as well as the calamari steak and pinto beans. The food was decadent, made in house, and savory. My mouth is watering as I type. Even though I was full to the point of pure exhaustion, we knew we had to try desert with the luck we were having. To our amazement, even the desert was delicious!! The peach cobbler was warm, sweet, and a la mode. The perfect finale.

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Rinata is in my top spot for Italian, and we’ll definitely be trying more of the menu before the end of 2012. Be well and until soon…


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