california style by lexie tiongson


Remember this shoot I did a couple of months ago for Copious’ Ad Shoot Campaign?! Well, the campaign is now out! And I’m happy to share a few photos from the shoot!



When I first talked to Kaitlyn about styling this shoot, we wanted to go for more of a “California style” concept with lots of colors & a copious amount of accessories (haha).



I was happy that ArielSimone provided me with a couple of pieces. Like this jacket seen on Carole above! I actually met Carole at the Copious HQ and we worked a couple of weeks ago together for Aga’s photo shoot. You never know when you’re gonna meet someone and work with them later on!



As many of you might know, Nkechi and I are colleagues & friends. This was actually one of the first times we worked together! Isn’t she a great model?



And here’s Cara! Sporting an awesome ArielSimone headband…. I totally dig her blonde hair.



The one thing I loved about working on this photo shoot was the fact that we were all strangers at the beginning and became friends at the end. Whether it’s meeting each other at events, working on other shoots together or even keeping in touch through Facebook, we’ve managed to keep a relationship. Isn’t that great?

Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work! Outtakes from this shoot can be seen onFacebook.

Photographer: IM KRISTEN
Models: Krista Anne Gambrel, Cara Cutter, Carole Morley, Nkechi Njaka
Stylist: Lexie Tiongson
Copious Community Marketing Manager: Kaitlyn Barclay
Designers: Michael Oh + ArielSimone
Hair + Make-up: Lara Olivia + Bailey



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