Senior Year by Lucie Jane

This is it folks, my senior year of college! I am super excited and looking forward to everything I am able to create this year! This year my biggest project is to design and create my own line of 4-6 complete looks based on my individual interests in design and aesthetic.

My inspiration for my line is the Irish coastline, the combination of hard jagged rock with flowing ocean water is a beautiful sight that shows hard and soft. I want to create designs using both sides: hard and structured and soft and fluid.

Here is an image of my inspiration board for my line!

While I am loving the idea of starting school, I also was sad to see summer go. Kevin and I celebrated the last day of summer by heading over to the Minnesota State Fair!  We ate some delicious food: caramel apples, onion rings, and of course Sweet Martha’s cookies! (this was a day OFF my diet, obviously lol) And we met a “celebrity”, here is a shot of me with “Captain Jack Sparrow” 😉

xoxo, Lucie Jane


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