The Trek to Travail

This past week I got the pleasure of dining at Travail, the newest hot spot in Robbinsdale, MN. Referred to me by two of my foodie friends, Travail surely lives up to its meaning – to be of a painful or laborious effort. The staff unwaveringly provided constant effort to please us guests. The experience is unmatched in its New American food options, and presentation.

With al a carte options, and two tasting menus (8 and 15 courses) available daily starting at 5pm Tues-Sat; this restaurant takes no reservations, so come early or wait at your own risk.

After getting a firm grasp on drinks, a non-stop barrage of courses, bites and shooters are delivered until you leave the place comparing it to the fullness that one might get from the state fair. Each day the staff prepares a farm-to-table menu of courses, and on this particular evening I was lucky enough to taste beef tartar, butternut squash antipasta, rabbit three ways with panna cotta, rib eye, peach ice cream with roasted peaches, among many other things. Below is a glimpse of the smattering of delicious eats and treats at one of my top foodie spots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make sure to check it, and be sure you go hungry!!


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