Project Runway Ep. 5: The Working Fashionista

After last week’s drama, things are getting serious. This week the button bag appeared which means that the designers will be in teams! Two teams were made out of the 11 remaining designers, and schoolyard pickings left Raul looking like ‘the schoolyard reject.’

The challenge this week is to make an editorial capsule collection for the new Marie Claire @ Work. This new magazine is geared towards the working fashionista, and in their groups they have to make their womenswear both professional and cohesive. Each team has one day to complete the entire collection, and one day to direct their own photoshoot. The team who wins the editorial challenge will have their looks published for Marie Claire @ Work.

Top 4 Looks


Per usual, Ven created an amazing look. His garments were very graphically interesting and he used his signature style to create a flattering top that many women would want to wear, and a beautifully draped skirt.


Her vibrant blue dress won this week, and she definitely deserved it. The slanted zipper is the newest trend and I can’t wait to start making some looks featuring it! This dress shot well, and was draped perfectly.


I love the modern take on this simple dress. The new colorblocking technique that he used with the shoulder accents were great! Simple, elegant, and great for the office setting.


She killed these skirts! They were both very wearable, different, and she used the right fabrics to accentuate her point of view. She definitely knows her strengths and uses them!

Bottom Look From Each Team

Gunnar – This dress had unflattering pleats on the bust, and the neckline was just unflattering. The fabric manipulation and blocking didn’t work well with the silhouette.

Raul – He struggled again this week and was voted out. This week he created pieces that didn’t really work with the group. He definitely is lacking in skill, and the designers expressed those issues. He went out like he came in though, honest and cut throat! He tried to take Elena down on his way out the door.

Who to Watch

Dmitry – First of all, I love his accent! He stands for what he believes in, and he knows his strengths. I like his aesthetic, and he seems knowledgeable about a woman’s body.

Elena – She is definitely a hot-head, which is great for ratings! Her and Raul definately had it in this week, and i’m excited to see if she uses the stress as fuel for next week, or is she breaks under pressure.

Uh oh! Next week it looks like they’re going to be challenged to design for the ‘average woman’. Let’s see how well these designers can really design!



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