The Drama Has Begun! Project Runway Ep. 4

The designers are dropping like flies! Andrea disappears into the darkness of the night, and Kooan makes the conscious decision to leave the competition the next day! Oh, and FYI Raul gets to come back! Ven isn’t the only designer that’s not happy about his return, Raul bash anyone?

This week was the Michael  Kors Challenge where the designers were given the task of  designing  for a versatile woman on the go. With $150 and one day, they needed to also show who they are as a designer.  The designers were not doing well this episode, between the stress of losing friends, the usual stresses of being on the show, they seem worn out physically and emotionally, and it’s only Ep. 4! Now for the goods…

Top 3 Looks


She created a very strong grey jersey dress.  It’s a sexy look with an interesting twist on a simple silhouette, and she made a comfortable and chic look that can be worn with so many different pieces.


She did a great job this week and created four different pieces.  I’d love to wear this look deconstructed into many different outfits. Definitely wearable for so many sized women.


Gorgeous grey cross-hatch design and open back. I loved the high neckline in the front and the open back, and the shoulder pads added interest to a very simple look.

Bottom Look


This was a hot pink mess. I thought the judges were right-on when they called it a hairdressing smock. She got eaten alive on the judging panel, then was voted off.

Designers to Watch

Dmitry – Dmitry’s personality and great work bring him to this week’s list of whom to watch. He’s starting to get more air time, so we’re finally getting to see his personality.

Fabio – I’m hoping that they gave Fabio the push that he needs to take it there for the next challenge. His personality is definitely shining, it’s time for his looks to shine too!


If you haven’t seen a preview for this week, it’s definitely a teaser. They’ll be put into two large groups, probably for a collection challenge, but now that the designers know each other, looks like the masks are off!! Until next week…



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