Project Runway Ep. 3: The Red Carpet Look

This week’s episode brought our first team challenge! The designers were given the task of creating an Emmys Red Carpet look for former P.R. contestants. Everyone was put into a pair by which key would unlock a different colored Lexus GS, and the color of their Lexus must be a color used in their dress. With 1 day and a $300 dollar budget, they were sent on their way to pick up their mystery client. Alumni guests this season were: Anya season 9 winner, vintage-loving Kenley, glamorous Laura, dramatic Mila, gentle Valerie, edgy April, and picky Irina.

Top 3 Looks

Nathan and Sonjia (Valerie)

I thought they used the fabrics very well. The bold shoulders and double-sided chevron took this dress to the top 3 for me. I could see many different women in this dress.

Ven and Fabio (Kenley)

They made a perfect dress, but I wish they could have had a better client, then they could really show a great floor length gown. Kenley only wants vintage looking clothes, and sometimes she needs to step out of the box.

Gunnar and Kooan (Irina)

I didn’t care too much for this dress, but with the options, it makes the top three. White speaks Emmys, and besides the two hanging pieces in the back, I thought it was styled well.


Raul and Alicia

Having a menswear background isn’t a great excuse for this sub-par look because a skirt is a hell-of-a-lot easier to fit than pants, so if pants are a specialty, them by any means please WOW me!  Between the styling and the construction, this was the worst look. Mila looked very upset to even be wearing that dress.

Designers to Watch

Christopher – He gets super stressed and his dramatics are keeping the other contestants and his partner on their toes. This episode he said he was ‘screaming inside’ working with his partner!

Ven – Ven does it again!!! Second win in a row, he’s teaching class to these other designers. This week he carried his teammate with his hands tied behind his back. He does need to get a litlle bit excited about being on the show, before they cut him off.

Be sure to check out Episode 4, it seems like it’s going to be very dramatic: Andrea leaves like a midnight train, and the rest of the designers feel the wave.



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