Project Runway Ep. 2: Candy Girl

The second episode was the prominent ‘unconventional materials’ challenge. This time they got to go to Dylan Lauren’s candy bar (Ralph Lauren’s Daughter), to select their unconventional materials. With selections from candies all over the world, and mostly muslin as the base of the garment, I was worried about many of the designers. I feel like there are a few weak links in the chain this season, but I’m not too worried, the judges seem to be slowly banishing them from the runway.

Top 3 Looks


I thought Sonjia should have won this week’s challenge. She used color beautifully, and really made the candy shine in her garment. The bib accent to her neckline was a genius effect that she made with the sharks, I just loved it.



I loved the way Dimitry’s garment looked and walked down the runway. The fit was great, and stable, with the weight of the candy, and the added gumball fringe of the skirt was beautiful. Also, great use of color here.



Once again, Ven is in my top three picks for this week. He really knows a woman’s body. I would have loved to see a skirt that was loose enough for his model to walk in, but besides the slight fit issue, I loved the mosaic effect that he put on his dress, and loved the rock candy effect that it created.




I really thought Andrea was going to go home this week; she really didn’t seem to want to extend herself, and give in to the challenge. She ended up sewing paper together… not really working with much candy at all, which is weird since it’s a candy challenge.


Designers to Watch

Ven – Ven obviously has amazing designs and great honed talent, but I’m starting to worry that his confidence and slightly boring personality will get him booted like it did Rami from Season 4.


Sonjia – I’m really starting to like Sonja for her personal style and also for how she carries herself on the show. She seems like a great, young, dynamic designer and I’m excited to see her growth this season.

Join me tonight in watching Episode 3 at 9.8c, I’m excited to see what the challenge will be, and if they end up kicking Andrea off tonight!



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