Just a Little Feedback is Nice

Typography is such a HUGE thing in graphic design which is why we have been so thoughtful about choosing the perfect font for our huge rebranding project.

This has been a larger undertaking than we originally thought– many brain stormy sessions and research has gone into strategizing. To distill the last several weeks of discussion, we came to this very important conclusion: Obviously we need something fun and flirty, something approachable and captures our girl. We have spent countless hours creating new design materials that will accurately articulate our customer–and what we ate all about–to a wider audience with the intent to reach more customers. And we couldn’t be more thrilled. We can’t wait to share all the things we have been working on with you and the world! We have been bursting at the seams with excitement, pun completely intended.

We have been keeping most of the details a secret– and we are almost ready to reveal what this is all for. But first we have to decide on a few things. Font is one of them.

….and we might need some help. Take our survey, will ya? We’d love to know which font is your fave.

azalea + lookmazing by Lexie


Remember when I went to this event and found out about LookMazing? Well, I got invited to another one of their events and it was definitely a blast!

This time, they had it at Azalea Boutique in Hayes Valley. It’s a great boutique with SO many goods! I just wanted to buy everything.

And what’s a better way to celebrate fashion? With cute drinks, of course! Loved the idea of putting berries in champagne. I also had a good time with Sam. We’re going to be working together a lot soon so stay tuned for our updates!

This event had the same concept as the last. We got to pick and choose our outfits from products in the boutique and do a little mini photo shoot with LookMazing. I helped style both Nkechi’s and Sam’s outfit. You can shop them here and here. And while they were taking their photos, I fell in love with these floral pants. I also thought these neon flats added that extra kick!

Later on, Sam #2 joined us! He’s one of my photographer friends so it was interesting seeing his photograph taken and having it the other way around! I can’t express how much I love LookMazing and the fun concept they put around their events. Taking photos with your friends is definitely fun… and why not shop the items you wear for 30% off?

And here are more photos for keepsakes. Shop Nkechi & Eric’s (he joined us too) outfits here.

Thanks again to LookMazing & Azalea Boutique for a wonderful night! Can’t wait to collaborate again in the future!

photos courtesy of LookMazing

MNFashion Kick-off Season by Lucie Jane

Its coming! MNFashion week is coming soon! This season’s fashion week will be held September 22 through 28th. There are trunk shows, boutique open houses, etc, and best of all: The Shows! The Shows are a series that MNFashion has been producing for the past year or so, showcasing successful local designers by putting on a show with full collections. This year designers include ArielSimone, Christopher Straub, Blasphamina’s Closet, Emma Berg, and others. Find out more info, and buy tickets, here.
This past Sunday I had a great time modeling for the lookbooks and promotional material for two of my all time favorite designers: Christopher Straub and ArielSimone! Christopher’s line showcases his talent with digital prints and gowns, and Adrienne’s line features some of her famous and unique swimwear. Here are a few sneak peaks below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope to see you at the shows!
xoxo Lucie Jane

P.R. Ep. 6: Makeover My Friend!

For this week’s challenge people were able to submit their fashion fumbling friend for a total makeover, and the new clients are regular sized women. The designers seem pretty afraid… but try to keep a fearless face in front of their makeover clients.

Gunnar shows a softer side, when his model breaks down, and Ven is upset that his client is plus sized, while some of the other designers have model-sized, ‘regular’ women. He deals with his frustrations by bashing his client to Tim, and all of the other designers are shocked to overhear him speak that way. I don’t know who wouldn’t be shocked at Ven’s behavior, I personally think this week would have been good chance to get him voted off.I understand that he’s one of the best designers this season, but his attitude this week put a bad taste in my mouth. Everyone is given one day for the challenge which consists of one complete look, and the goal is to satisfy the client and their specific needs.

Top 3 Looks


He created a dress that looked great on his model. It’s a simple but well draped garment that really stood out to me. The color is very wearable for many seasons, and this would be great for work.


Fabio did the best job with the client that he was given. She was not a dress wearing woman before this challenge, and he met all of her needs and surprised everyone with this episode winning dress. The styling I thought was also perfect for the client, giving her a very wearable look.


 Dmitry did a great job pleasing his cleavage shy client this week. To make her look stand out despite the high neckline, he chose a great bright color, and made the dress a mini, which I thought were great concessions.

Bottom Look


Obviously Ven was a disappointment this week in more ways than one. His look was mediocre, and his attitude was shocking. Ven was the bottom of the barrel in every way this week, I hope he can do something to redeem his image. I wish him luck.

Who to Watch

Ven… let’s see if he can win back people’s hearts!

Fabio – He’s finally got his rhythm, I hope he can sustain it.



Monday Musings: Gratitude, Love, & Love Languages

I have a box that I’ll refer to as my feel-good box. I’ve had this box for about 5 years now. In it, I shift through memories and encounter that hard to come by butterfly feeling. This box contains letters; letters from friends with whom I shared life-altering experiences with on retreats and words from soul-brothers and soul-sisters which convey their love and care for me just because.

I recently took an assessment of my love language. I’ve been reflecting on the differences in how people in my life express their love for me and for themselves. What makes us different? After the assessment, I was made even more aware of the extent to which words of affirmation and appreciation make me feel loved.

Today, I’m taking some time to give back and share some lovin’ with some friends of mine who live in distant places. While not all of my friends may need words of affirmation as much as I do, don’t we all cherish hearing how much our loved ones care for us? I know how much those tangible expressions of care mean on days when we really need them.

In addition to words of affirmation, my other primary love language is quality time. Real, intentional, time free of distractions. Last week, I had just this. I connected with a good friend over cheese, crackers, and wine and good conversation. I felt encouraged by his presence and his willingness to share and was inspired by his experiences. This same friend had shared earlier in the day that he thought the human experience was really all about connecting with others. We did just that.

On this topic, Kahlil Gibran, in The Prophet, shares:

“Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is our board and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace …And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.”

Let us all aim to further deepen our spirits through cultivating, in whatever way is best for us, and sowing seeds of love with our friends.

What makes you feel loved? Understanding this will help you in your relationships with others. I shared my love language with at least one important person in my life and have already seen beautiful changes in our friendship. Just some Monday musings for you today…

Until soon,


To find your love language, click this link, or the link above.

she’s got style // 3 by Lexie Tiongson


I recently wrote a  behind the scenes post from the DK Studio shoot Well, here are the photos! We went for a more concentrated direction with different types of styles.

If you want to feel free, go for the tight skirt and loose shirt combo. It really creates a more diversified look.

You can’t really go wrong with simplicity. If you ever doubt yourself with your accessories, it might be because you’re overdoing it.

My favorite look involves a couple of layers. Leather jacket and shorts, such a juxtaposition, but really… this is what we do here in the city. Doesn’t that sheer top complete the look?

Comfortable, chic & casual. Sometimes you might need to wear those sneakers and a cool top like this.

And I love a good mullet skirt. Something I occasionally wear on those hot days I spend in Dolores Park!

Working with Carole, Dan & Aga was fun & exhilarating. I’ve never collaborated with a team like this before and I think we all did a great job and the outcome of these photos are perfect in my eye 🙂

Thanks to ArielSimone for providing some pieces for this shoot.

I’m a believer of all things wearable. Even though I love a great editorial in Vogue, sometimes I prefer to mirror editorials from NYLON for my wardrobe. 

Photography by Dan Kutler
Modeling by Aga
Styling by Lexie Tiongson
Creative Direction by Carole Morey

by Lexie Tiongson

gap styld.by rue party by Lexie

 I absolutely love entertaining parties. Especially ones that have a Photo Booth! Haha! Last Thursday, I went to a series of events… all in one night! And the first stop was the GAP styld.by Rue Magazineparty at their store off of Chestnut Street in the Marina (my favorite district). It was a celebration of their collaboration and The Icon Redefined Fall 2012 Collection. 

I had the honor of going with Cara, Nkechi & Sam. Don’t we all look pretty silly in the booth? All in all, I LOVED the concept. Thanks to TOMFOOLERY for letting us snap a few! Great props!

But, the props weren’t the only part of the excitement… check out the cool carnival like games Rue set up inside the GAP store! Talk about combining shopping with leisure!

And of course, part of the party was to celebrate both their Texas issue, which you can read here, and sharing “shine.” We all hash-tagged #howdorueshine all night on our social media networks.

Along with great music came great food. Carnival food!?! Need I say more. From cotton candy to funnel cakes and corn dogs to lollipops, everyone was munching.

And really, we couldn’t get enough of this photo booth. Haha!

Thanks to Rue & GAP for such an amazing night! I love being able to experience different ways to celebrate fashion.

by Lexie Tiongson, posted originally on the elle tee