Classy and Dressy at the Matrix-Fillmore

San Francisco is so technology based that it’s almost uncomfortable after 5 days of the week. From Monday through Friday these series of events occur:

You enter a cafe, someone is coding…

You ride muni, someone is on their iPhone….

You walk down Spear Street, you see the Google Headquarters…

You go to a fashion event, and even then… someone is talking about their new technology-based fashion start-up…

After all this, you kind of just wanna go out and paint the town red! But, in this case, I’d be painting the town black… with this gorgeous ArielSimone dress. On Friday nights, I like to go far away from all of the “tech-based” stuff and take two extra buses to the Marina, my favorite district and visit the Matrix-Fillmore. A place where guys and girls gather to socialize, dance & just have a great time (with no networking or name-tags). Best of all, you get to dress up!

These are just a couple of items I’d wear with the ArielSimone one-sleeve dress to stay classy and dressy at the Matrix-Fillmore…


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