SFFAMA Event at Pigment: Product Pitches

I think that it is rather a funny (and yet an amazing!) concept to have fashion and technology events in SF. I mean, on one hand you run the risk of meeting nerdy, socially awkward men, which has been an issue of mine previously when I worked as a scientist in Silicon Valley. But on the other, which was my experience last week, I found that I enjoy learning about the technology at fashion events (the geek in me gets to show her true colors!). It’s a genius way to diversify the fashion world. Plus, sitting in a letture talking about robots that fold your clothes is such an interesting, intellectual conversation.

Last Thursday, I went to the SFFAMA product pitch event at Pigment Cosmetics. I went to learn about what people here are up to, to network with key industry leaders and to drink wine and eat delicious cookies.  Let me give you a short recap on some of my favorite presenters.

FoldiMate: a smart clothes-folding robotic appliance, which will soon be available to both laundromats and sophisticated retailers. Who doesn’t want or need an intelligent apparel folding robot? ArielSimone sure does!

The Google+ team are huge supporters of fashion and their product presentation was on one of the Google+ features– hang outs. The cool thing about hang outs is that it allows people to stream what is happening in another space. It gave me some ideas for our upcoming launch party, here in SF. Hopefully, we are able to use this feature to virtually stream our party or a future runway show. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all of our fans around the world could attend our event or watch our collection presentation at the same time?? I am certain that it would be phenomenal. Google+ is also co-hosting a workshop for creative communities with Fashion+TechSF at FIDMSF on August 8th (RSVP here). I plan on attending that and providing you all with an update on that so stay tuned!

I also really enjoyed the presentation by Atelier Advisors’ founder Lili Balfou, who covered the ABC’s and F of finding funding for entrepreneurs. The stand out was B- thinking BIG! Also F, which was for financials. It’s super important for all entrepreneurs to thing long term and to know how they are going to make money in a way that will sustain their business.

There were so many good pitches, but I’d have to say that the one that gets the prize for most entertaining was a presentation given by the the dry-witted sense of humored Stewart Keller, owner of  E-ttorney at Law™. He spoke on basics of fashion copyright  and trademark law, which was amazingly informative. I have never given parody law much thought but it’s really interesting what action some companies takes in order to protect their brand, name, logo, fabric, etc. This was the best example:

Chewy Vuiton– this is literally a bed (not bag) for your dog!! I encourage you to read more about this lawsuit.

Here are some photos of the event, curtsey of SFFAMA.


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