Dramatic Head Pieces on the Runway

If you thought hats where only for Kate Middleton and the royal family, think again.  I am loving Philip Treacy’s couture hats as he puts a special twist on classic styles. From head to toe, avant-garde accessories are certainly turning heads on the runway.


Philip Treacy has been known for his extraordinary designs and extravagant clientele such as Lady Gaga and Grace Jones.  He has also designed for Valentino, Versace, Alexander McQueen and Chanel amongst others.  Many tuned in for the loyal wedding last year, but what left a lasting impression, was the intricate and specialized hats of Mr. Treacy. The historic event was almost like a showcase of Treacy couture as Princess Eugenie, Zara Philips, and Princess Beatrice all modeled Philip Treacy hats.


These dramatic masterpieces were all the fuss, but what is most exciting is his new collection that exhibits elaborate and colorful pieces that make a statement of their own.  Through intricate designs, specialized textures, and fantastical imagery, Philip Treacy has taken hats to a new level.  Inspired by art, he juxtaposes past and future into avant-garde wearable art.    With Philip Treacy hats it is all about making a dramatic statement and donning the ultimate glamorous accessory. And of course, what girl doesn’t love some glamorous art to accessories with? I mean, if SJP is wearing one….


By Joanna Komvopoulos


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