Sweet Delight at Nadia’s

Last week I got a chance to reunite with a High School friend of mine, who suggested we reconnect over cupcakes at Nadia Cakes. I’m a lover of sweets, and cupcakes are one of my indulgences, so I was game! Little did I know Nadia Cakes is a nationally known, and prize winning bakery specializing in custom cakes, and cupcakes!

The owner, Abby, started baking cakes out of her home in 2007 before she opened her first shop in CA, she didn’t want to go back to corporate America with three young children at home. Her dream of being on TV was realized within months of opening her shop with none other than TLC’s competition series Cupcake Wars. Abby and her assistant tore through the competition with a win, and she was invited back to TLC two more times for Fabulous Cakes. She was put on the map with her winning Cheesecake Cupcake in the cupcake wars, and with her popularity she decided to scout cities for a second location. Who would have imagined she’d move right into my backyard? Her newest location is in the Arbor Lakes Retail area in Maple Grove, MN.

It seems as though I was the only one who didn’t know we had a renowned baker in our midst, because the line for Nadia’s started an hour before the bakery even opened! As the line snaked down the block, they would only let in 20 or so customers at a time to keep it manageable inside. The store isn’t huge, and the numbers of seats are limited, but it’s immaculately decorated. It looks like a high end boutique with the seating areas, décor, and displays. They sell everything: gourmet cupcakes, cookies, cakes and desserts available on a walk in basis and a beautiful showroom of custom cakes to see. They are also very kid friendly, offering things like Cake Push Pops, and other childhood treats. Nadia will keep a rolling list of over 130 flavors at the newest Maple Grove location, and during the summer seasons make sure to try one of her ice cream cupcakes!

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As a Sprinkles Cupcakes devotee, Nadia’s has the boutique feel that Sprinkles is missing. Also, the flavors, variety, and cupcake decorations trump Sprinkles. And since there is no longer a Krispy Kreme in Maple Grove, Nadia’s is going to be the perfect place for me to satisfy my sweet tooth.

-Adrienne Yancy


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