Finally the FDA Cares about what’s in our Cosmetics

Great news for all aspiring organic beauties! The FDA is FINALLY going to start monitoring the ingredients in our beauty products. A lot of us involved in the beauty, lifestyle or fashion industry find it very peculiar that this hasn’t been happening all along. Well, at least I have be wondering. Unfortunately, it is not common knowledge how little the government regulates cosmetics. Kinda disturbing when you think of how much makeup an average woman wears on the daily.


The U.S. is probably the worst country when it comes to banned beauty ingredients– having only 10 banned ingredients compared to the 1,200 in Europe. Alarming AND disturbing, right?! For years, skincare, cosmetic and beauty lines have been able to make ridiculous claims about products that were never scientifically validated– all the while adding any toxic ingredient to the products being sold regardless of their potential harm to our skin, bodies or the environment. And without any sort of accountability from the government!! Horrible, disgusting, outrageous.


The FDA has finally wised up in deciding to step in and control what’s going in products and on our skin. According to a recent article on, a big change to the beauty biz is on the horizons. The Obama administration’s fiscal 2013 budget includes a proposal for the cosmetics industry to fund enhanced monitoring. This means that the ingredients in our products will require registration with the FDA.

Since the FDA is getting a better grip on beauty products in the U.S., it could also—HOPEFULLY!– mean a huge shift in beauty advertising as well. The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus should be working on controlling the fictitious beauty ads that promise to erase wrinkles in one week or melt away cellulite with a cream. Those claims would actually need to validate with real scientific studies that support the claims. Which for us is truly an amazing thing! No more harmful ingredients, and real scientific evidence to back up the product claims in beauty advertisements. I am hopeful that the days of consumers being manipulated by false promises are finally coming to an end!


There are amazing companies like Intelligent Nutrients that are USDA food certified organic that you don’t have to worry about toxicity in their products. More people need to think like IN. For more information on this subject, visit: and and Intelligent Nutrients.

by Nkechi Njaka


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