Bachelorettes + Channing Tatum? Yes, Please!

It’s summer and with summer comes weddings, and with wedding season comes bachelorette parties. I just returned from an extremely amazing bachelorette weekend of one of my dear friends who is getting married in a month. Before our night of endless bar hopping, champagne and cute party dresses, we went and saw Magic Mike on opening night . I mean, what is a bachelorette party without strippers? Right???

I really hadn’t seen the trailers or knew what to expect (Cyote Ugly and Strip Tease came to mind)….but actually the movie was really fun– lots of eye candy (Channing TatumAlex PettyferMatthew McConaugheyCody HornOlivia MunnJoe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer played the leading roles) and amazing dancing by Channing who undoubtedly is extremely talented in more ways than one. There wasn’t exactly a plot, but the half naked bodies and the ridiculous strip dancing was mostly distracting to the point of not really noticing.

I hope the images say enough about what you’re in for and that you run to the theaters!  Be prepared to be a bit hot and bothered by the sex appeal dripping from the screen. And if you don’t have a group of amazing friends to go with, go by yourself (seriously, there is no shame in that)!!  I regret, however, to inform you that this film is not in 3D.

By Nkechi Njaka


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