BEAUTY EXPO: Recap of Another SFFAMA event

One thing that I have been LOVING about SF is that just about every other week, SFFAMA—the committee that curates SF Fashion Week—hosts events to support and foster the SF fashion community as well. Something I have noticed true to SF Style is that almost anything here is affilicated with technology. Big companies like Facebook, Youtube, Apple, Google, (and many more) are here as well as other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Polyvore and Copious. It’s exciting to be where it is all happening and as the industry grows, we will become more integrated with technology and science. I, as a self proclaimed multidisciplinarist, love the collaborations and thrive on the meeting of the minds.


We attended the Beauty Expo last Saturday which was held at 1 Market Street, home of Pigment Cosmetics. It was an evening for an eclectic mix of  fashion and tech community members, fashion bloggers and vendors to on look a local H&MU talent to compete in a challenge of best inspired look. There were 4 groups and each pair of Hair and Makeup Artists had a fashion blogger as their model. The model/fashion bloggers (Lona Duncan and Alison Messinger) were wearing the designs of Jennifer Ly . While the models were getting made up, all the attendees ate cheese, fruit and chocolate, sipped wine and champagne and networked with fellow guests until the runway segment began.

Charleston Pierce was our dynamic host of the night. He had great energy and a booming personality. I really appreciated his enthusiasm and his coaching of the fashion bloggers when they walked down the runway. Charleston’s line of work includes model coaching and production and I can see how it would really be impactful to work with him (aspiring SF models, are you writing that down??).

The judges were Dario SmithGwen Wright and Joyce Hu the BookR. I spoke with Joyce a little bit about her work before her event duties required her attention.  She runs a modeling booking platform in Sausalito, which allows models to have control of their own careers, which I think is really important. She also happens to have a beautiful and elegant presence.

Here are some images of the looks; the use of needle work netting in this photo below was incredible.


My favorite look was look 4…I loved the black sheer, the hair and the model, whose name is Hart.


The winner, however, was look # 2 inspired by the peacock. I am sure there were more elaborations on what inspired each look, but the acoustics made it hard to hear and so I missed some of the details. Here was the winning look below. Congrats to Avital Elgaziel and Jerushalem Weaver of Avital Beauty Lounge!


Over all, it was a good event. I met some interesting contacts that I look forward to seeing at future events. For more photos, check out the SFFAMA blog.

by Nkechi Njaka

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