Billboard Music Awards: Hits and Misses by Adrienne Yancy

I’ve never subscribed to Billboard Magazine, but I’m glad their awards ceremony is back after their hiatus in 2007. I didn’t see any photos of Janet Jackson either, and she’s won the most Billboard awards thus far in its history. Overall I think their red carpet was a mess. Some were overdressed, many were underdressed, and there were also a few artists who I’ve never even heard of who dressed eccentrically.

Here are my best and worst of the red carpet. I didn’t even care to touch on the many ‘costumes’ people decided to wear.

Best Dressed

Taylor Swift looks amazing in blazin’ red. Her straight hair is a welcome change, and overall the look is great for her. I would have loved a nude nail and a large jewel toned ring.

Katy Perry shines in this backless floor length gown. I love the color on her, but again, I don’t like the hair. Her Pinot Noir lips are cute, but I feel like she could have used a lighter color, it is May after all. This dress fits impeccably.

Finally, Monica finishes us off with the best dressed women’s list. Her high side slit is perfect for her thin frame, and she looks great in white! I would personally change the shoes, but everything else works. Her simple pulled back hair and toned down makeup make her one of the best dressed. This dress could easily have been overstyled.

For the men: Eric Bennet looks dapper in his three piece suit! The mix of prints is great and I love how his vest and shoes match. I think it’s great when men can pull off more difficult trends like mixing prints.

Ty Burell has a nice, classic look. The bowtie brings this look to best dressed. There is nothing exceptional about this outfit, but it’s simple, easy and fits great. He meets all the criteria. If I could change his shoes, I’d give him a sleeker Italian-fit shoe.

Usher brightens the room with this look! I think he looks wonderful! I don’t know many men who could pull off this color suit, but I think he was right bringing in the white and grey. I also like how the pants to this suit aren’t too fitted.

Worst Dressed

Swizz Beatz has on a great eggshell suit, but I hate the shoes. A lighter loafer would be better, because this color is overbearing. Also the jet black hat isn’t sitting well with the overall look. Swizz starts us off with the worst dressed!!

Chriss Teigen…. Where do I begin? This dress doesn’t fit her body the way it should, and the deep red color of this dress is too dark. Her dress should be about three inches shorter, and she should be wearing elongating shoes. The ankle strap cuts off her legs making her look shorter. This is just the wrong dress for such a beautiful girl.

Oh Brandy! The hair is too big. The shoes don’t match. She’s wearing too much jewelry. I think the dress is too short. I don’t even think the dress is cute on her… I’m disappointed with this overall look, it’s overdone.

Finally Natasha Bedingfield will end the worst dressed list. She is overdressed. Period. There were so many people to put on the worst dressed list, it wasn’t even funny. Maybe the stylists went on strike.


We hope you enjoyed reading our list!

by Adrienne Yancy


One thought on “Billboard Music Awards: Hits and Misses by Adrienne Yancy

  1. It pains me to say, but Brandy’s look is WAY too young. The boobs, the legs, okay we get it, you’re still hot.
    Do like I do. When all else fails, follow Angela Bassett’s lead.

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