Summer! by Lucie Jane

Its summer! Finally! My grades are coming in from finals, and so far I’m quite pleased! I will be heading home, to Iowa City, to visit my parents for a bit before jumping into Twin Cities summer full force! I plan to design and work on the beginnings of my senior line for next year at the University of Minnesota, as well as some other design endeavors.  I also want to spend a lot of time in a bathing suit: modeling, walking, sunbathing, swimming: you name it!

A few weeks ago I was a model for my favorite twin brothers, Tim +Thom, wearing one of their looks for the Eco-Inspirations show which their boutique, You and Me, headlined.  They created a line of party wear/formal wear made entirely out of upcycled fabrics: amazing.

Here is a shot of me in my beautiful dress!

I also am in the process of seeking representation from a different agency(s) here in the cities.  The agency I was previously with, while a great agency, just wasn’t working for what I wanted to do.  I have met with a few people and hope to start working more regularly soon! 🙂

Later this week/weekend, I will be posting videos on my YouTube page as well as personal blog on my NASA trip, as well as a few other possibilities, so stay tuned!


xo, Lucie Jane


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