The Right Swimsuit Styles for YOUR Body Type

So summer has arrived, and with the heat comes swimsuit season! I think it’s extremely important that whatever size you are you look and feel great in a swimsuit, so we wanted to give a bit of advice on the right swimsuit styles for your body type. Let’s dive right in…

If you’re Curvy or Thick

You should love showing off your curves! I would definitely pick bottoms that sit higher on the hips, to elongate your legs, and a top that has enough coverage, and support. Don’t feel bad going up a size to accommodate your voluptuous backside, and large cup size.  It’s way better that, then have your crack hanging out, and nipples popping… and no one likes to readjust swimwear every 5 minutes. You should be able to move comfortably for hours with little to no adjusting.

This Highwaisted Keyhole Suit ($99) gives the girls plenty of support, and pulls them in for great cleavage. Your small waist is also accentuated with these unique bottoms!

This Deep-V Gathered Waist Suit ($110) is great because of the colorblocking. It will bring the eyes up away from the thighs, and the deep neckline allows you to still be very sexy! The waist is also accentuated here with the print and gathers.

If you’ve got a tummy

So you haven’t worked out in a while, and mother’s day dinner is making your look a bit puffy, don’t worry, there are great options for you still! Overall I’d look for suits with large prints for bottoms. A one-piece can be great if they are the right one-piece. Look for suits that are gathered in the problem area, and also have a print.

The Highwaisted Ruffle two piece ($99) is great because it still shows a lot of skin, but also hides trouble areas with the print, and the ruffles that cascade down the torso. This will elongate the body, and camouflage the tummy.

We also recommend the Strappy Back one piece ($110). There are high cut thighs and a gathered waist that elongate your legs and hide the tummy. And even though the front is mostly covered once you turn to the back you’re still showing off with sexy straps and minimal back coverage.

If you’re small on top

For those ladies who are small on top and what to enhance their bust, I suggest you wear less coverage tops, and also tops that will enhance your cup size. I find that many of the suit tops that have very padded tops make you look very flat, so I don’t recommend these. You need something to fill the cups with, and if you don’t have that, there’s just a cup sitting on your chest. Generally stay away from too much fabric and padding around your bust. Fall in love with the natural you. Another tip: wear very unique tops, because you can! It will add interest to that area, and you’ll never have an issue finding your size!

This Bright Lazer Swimsuit ($99) adds lots of interest to the bustline. No one is looking at how big your boobs are, they’re looking at how great your top looks in general!

The Rectange Gathered Halter Top with Bottoms ($99) is like a miracle worker! It literally lifts and pulls your bust together, enhancing what you’ve got. There is also minimal coverage, and gathers that help in adding cleavage.

If you’re Plus Sized

Plus sized women have many different needs. So we’ll cover a few of them.

The Highwaisted Scoop One-Piece ($110) Is great for large busts, and if you need some tummy tightening. The straps are very wide and can be extended into cap sleeves, while the gathers add great support for the bust. The body of this suit doesn’t have any sides exposed for those women who need their torso pulled in a bit.

The Deep V One Piece with Gathered Skirt ($110) is perfect for those who want to cinch the waist and cover the hips. The attached skirt can extend to 7 inches below the crotch to give you as much coverage as you want.

The Ruffle Halter Top and Highwaisted Ruffle Bottoms ($110) is perfect for those who have very large busts, and large hips or thighs. The cups can be ordered based on your cup size, and the attached skirt covers any problem areas or stretch marks on your thighs!

We hope we gave great suggestions for different body types. All suits photographed are available at along with many more, and Adrienne is always available to help you create a custom, one-of-a-kind suit for your specific body type and needs!


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