Style Column Introduction: Meet Lexie!

Hello everyone! Just to introduce myself, my name is Lexie Tiongson, and as many of you may know from last week’s post, I was introduced  as a new member of the ArielSimone team. I am very excited for this opportunity and am looking forward to the many projects to come.
A little bit about my background:
I currently go to Academy of Art University in San Francisco and am studying all things fashion. Some of my experience comes from fashion writing, styling and graphic design. I currently have my own blog called The Elle Tee and post things all about styling and how to be creative with your own closet.
I know putting together looks can be both fun and challenging at times…. and there are those days where  you just don’t have that motivation! However, I truly believe that its about the confidence you have and your personal style.
Every Thursday, I will give all of you tips and advice on how to piece things together with your wardrobe, specifically with all of the wonderfully designed ArielSimone pieces.  Get ready for next Thursday’s style post!

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