NASA: Final! by Lucie Jane

I’m back! This past weekend I was in Houston, TX presenting my group’s final prototype to NASA! It was an amazing experience, a very stressful one, but also extremely fun.

We flew from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Houston, TX by way of Atlanta.  Our first night in Houston, Thursday night, our group stayed up until 3am working on finalizing our prototype and getting our presentation just right for our meeting with NASA Friday morning.  The day of our presentation went great! Our NASA mentors were very impressed with what we had come up with and what we had accomplished in such a short time span.

After our presentation sessions we had a private tour of some of the NASA displays and facilities. It was amazing to see some of the machines, technologies, apparel and vehicles that NASA has used in the past, as well as some of the prototypes of things they are working on for the future.

Here are some photos from our day at NASA!

Check out my blog for pictures from our evening out in Texas!

xo, Lucie Jane


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