Color for Summer by Lexie Tiongson

If there’s something I absolutely love seeing, it’s color blocking. When I saw the Gathered Deep V Tulle Dress, all I could think about was how I would LOVE to add some colorful accessories to add a touch of personality and brightness to the look.

I’d personally wear this outfit to a graduation (since they’re all happening around this time) or even a social party. It’s so bright and colorful that it’s bound to get the attention you need at gatherings like this.
Color is where it’s at for the summer. Own it.
by Lexie Tiongson, Stylist and Fashion Writer

Summer Parties by Lucie Jane

One of my favorite things about summer in the cities are outdoor parties and events.  The art and music festivals are amazing, and backyard BBQs and friends gatherings make my night.

I also am super excited about my family’s summer trip to San Francisco, and along the West coast.  We will be spending a week around California, and then will spend a week or so traveling to Vegas, the Grand Canyon and a few other touristy locations 🙂  Maybe I’ll even get a chance to see Nkechi while I’m out there!

Here are a few photos of a couple of fun parties I already have attended this summer season!

Kevin and I at his fraternity’s summer kick off party.
Kevin, myself and Kevin’s dad at a family shindig 🙂

And one fashion shot kevin snapped while out at a summer party 🙂

xo, Lucie Jane

BEAUTY EXPO: Recap of Another SFFAMA event

One thing that I have been LOVING about SF is that just about every other week, SFFAMA—the committee that curates SF Fashion Week—hosts events to support and foster the SF fashion community as well. Something I have noticed true to SF Style is that almost anything here is affilicated with technology. Big companies like Facebook, Youtube, Apple, Google, (and many more) are here as well as other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Polyvore and Copious. It’s exciting to be where it is all happening and as the industry grows, we will become more integrated with technology and science. I, as a self proclaimed multidisciplinarist, love the collaborations and thrive on the meeting of the minds.


We attended the Beauty Expo last Saturday which was held at 1 Market Street, home of Pigment Cosmetics. It was an evening for an eclectic mix of  fashion and tech community members, fashion bloggers and vendors to on look a local H&MU talent to compete in a challenge of best inspired look. There were 4 groups and each pair of Hair and Makeup Artists had a fashion blogger as their model. The model/fashion bloggers (Lona Duncan and Alison Messinger) were wearing the designs of Jennifer Ly . While the models were getting made up, all the attendees ate cheese, fruit and chocolate, sipped wine and champagne and networked with fellow guests until the runway segment began.

Charleston Pierce was our dynamic host of the night. He had great energy and a booming personality. I really appreciated his enthusiasm and his coaching of the fashion bloggers when they walked down the runway. Charleston’s line of work includes model coaching and production and I can see how it would really be impactful to work with him (aspiring SF models, are you writing that down??).

The judges were Dario SmithGwen Wright and Joyce Hu the BookR. I spoke with Joyce a little bit about her work before her event duties required her attention.  She runs a modeling booking platform in Sausalito, which allows models to have control of their own careers, which I think is really important. She also happens to have a beautiful and elegant presence.

Here are some images of the looks; the use of needle work netting in this photo below was incredible.


My favorite look was look 4…I loved the black sheer, the hair and the model, whose name is Hart.


The winner, however, was look # 2 inspired by the peacock. I am sure there were more elaborations on what inspired each look, but the acoustics made it hard to hear and so I missed some of the details. Here was the winning look below. Congrats to Avital Elgaziel and Jerushalem Weaver of Avital Beauty Lounge!


Over all, it was a good event. I met some interesting contacts that I look forward to seeing at future events. For more photos, check out the SFFAMA blog.

by Nkechi Njaka

Friday Feature: Stripes, Neons and Chanel

We met Emily last week at the Digitally Chic event at the W Hotel. We loved Emily’s energy and loved her pairing of stripes and neon so we had to take a photo! Lexie, being the graphic genious she is, created the board above to demonstrate how it is simple to replicate this look. Aside from putting together cute outfits, Emily has such great energy– bubbly personalities are so infectious! We discovered that she was new to SF, and had recently relocated from DC and was expanding the cool social and online exchange SNOBSWAP . We asked her a few questions to learn a bit more!
Name: Emily Dang
Occupation: Co-Founder and CMO of SNOBSWAP
Fashion Interest:  I’ve always loved fashion!  From poring over issues of Vogue to indulging in my shopaholic addictions to launching SNOBSWAP, the premier luxury online marketplace to buy, sell, and swap with my sister Elise, fashion has always been my passion. My latest obsession is finding the elusive cherry red PS1 Proenza Schouler bag and a few cute and affordable maxi dresses for the summer!
Favorite Thing in SF:   Besides shopping at SF’s local consignment shops, I would say running with my dog at Crissy Fields.
Outfit:  A.P.C. sweater, Gap Kids jeans, Sergio Rossi shoes, Chanel bag, Hermes belt, Kendra Scott necklace, and Cartier ring

Beauty at any Size by Lucie Jane

Its no secret that fashion revolves around thinness– from the models who walk the runways to the clothing with shape-wear made to “instantly slim you!”.  Recently, this obsession with skinny has gone to the extreme, with the average runway model having measurements around 32-23-33: a waist size of 23 inches is listed on many child size garments.  Models also start working at incredibly young ages (some as early as 12 or 13) because their bodies haven’t had the time to develop curves, etc. When they do start to hit puberty and start developing, many girls have to resort to very unhealthy measures to keep their figures, sometimes even developing eating disorders.

Recently the CFDA released a list of guidelines for the fashion industry to follow regarding model size and age. More specifically, that designers shouldn’t use models under the age of 16 for their shows, campaigns, etc. (Above is the image they paired with their statement, showing a healthy and muscular model, Bar Refaeli)

The initiative also stated that coordinators should provide healthy foods backstage at shoots, shows and events, and make sure models eat. Just a few weeks ago, all the editors of Vogue magazine worldwide, released their first ever Health Initiative, in hopes that it will “encourage a healthier approach to body image within the industry.” It states that casting agents should not be casting models who are under 16 years old or who appear to have an eating disorder.  They also urge designers to increase the size of their sample size, which is now a 0.

These measures could pave the way for models who don’t quite fit the current mold, and its starting to work. Recently, Lily Cole, a high fashion model, was listed at 34-26-37 on her comp card, which is much larger than the norm.

This is a step in the right direction, but there is more to be done, and I hope the fashion industry continues to embrace all sizes of beauty! Check out my blog  later this week for a look at what I aim to do as a designer to combat this issue 🙂

xo, Lucie Jane

Billboard Music Awards: Hits and Misses by Adrienne Yancy

I’ve never subscribed to Billboard Magazine, but I’m glad their awards ceremony is back after their hiatus in 2007. I didn’t see any photos of Janet Jackson either, and she’s won the most Billboard awards thus far in its history. Overall I think their red carpet was a mess. Some were overdressed, many were underdressed, and there were also a few artists who I’ve never even heard of who dressed eccentrically.

Here are my best and worst of the red carpet. I didn’t even care to touch on the many ‘costumes’ people decided to wear.

Best Dressed

Taylor Swift looks amazing in blazin’ red. Her straight hair is a welcome change, and overall the look is great for her. I would have loved a nude nail and a large jewel toned ring.

Katy Perry shines in this backless floor length gown. I love the color on her, but again, I don’t like the hair. Her Pinot Noir lips are cute, but I feel like she could have used a lighter color, it is May after all. This dress fits impeccably.

Finally, Monica finishes us off with the best dressed women’s list. Her high side slit is perfect for her thin frame, and she looks great in white! I would personally change the shoes, but everything else works. Her simple pulled back hair and toned down makeup make her one of the best dressed. This dress could easily have been overstyled.

For the men: Eric Bennet looks dapper in his three piece suit! The mix of prints is great and I love how his vest and shoes match. I think it’s great when men can pull off more difficult trends like mixing prints.

Ty Burell has a nice, classic look. The bowtie brings this look to best dressed. There is nothing exceptional about this outfit, but it’s simple, easy and fits great. He meets all the criteria. If I could change his shoes, I’d give him a sleeker Italian-fit shoe.

Usher brightens the room with this look! I think he looks wonderful! I don’t know many men who could pull off this color suit, but I think he was right bringing in the white and grey. I also like how the pants to this suit aren’t too fitted.

Worst Dressed

Swizz Beatz has on a great eggshell suit, but I hate the shoes. A lighter loafer would be better, because this color is overbearing. Also the jet black hat isn’t sitting well with the overall look. Swizz starts us off with the worst dressed!!

Chriss Teigen…. Where do I begin? This dress doesn’t fit her body the way it should, and the deep red color of this dress is too dark. Her dress should be about three inches shorter, and she should be wearing elongating shoes. The ankle strap cuts off her legs making her look shorter. This is just the wrong dress for such a beautiful girl.

Oh Brandy! The hair is too big. The shoes don’t match. She’s wearing too much jewelry. I think the dress is too short. I don’t even think the dress is cute on her… I’m disappointed with this overall look, it’s overdone.

Finally Natasha Bedingfield will end the worst dressed list. She is overdressed. Period. There were so many people to put on the worst dressed list, it wasn’t even funny. Maybe the stylists went on strike.


We hope you enjoyed reading our list!

by Adrienne Yancy