Hello from SF!

Hey everyone! Lucie is in Houston this week for her NASA project so I am writing on her usual day.

As you know, I’ve relocated myself to San Francisco, California with every intention of sharing the ArielSimone love. I can say so far the things I love about being here the most include the exciting social life that SF provides, the ambition of multi-disciplinary professionals and the easy access to the beach (I am minutes away from the water and it is simply heaven!).


Now that I’ve been here for a few days, I am finally starting to feel re-aquatinted with the city I once called home. Here are some photos I’ve taken strolling around. Jealous yet? Come visit  me during SF Fashion Week!


But let’s not forget that I am in Cali to work, and I am happy to report that I had my first fashion-related meeting yesterday with Lexie Tiongson, who will be joining our team. I am very excited to be working with such a talented young women– a fashion writer, stylist and graphic designer are just a few of her many talents (check out her style blog)! Stay tuned for some future posts that we will incorporate into our blogroll. Lexie will be offering the ArielSimone community SF style tips and I can’t wait!

We peeped all the Hayes Valley boutiques and found a few contenders. We are working together to design a look book and line sheet of our collections to send to SF buyers. We will keep you posted!


by Nkechi Njaka


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