Friday Feature: Kate Johnson, Makeup Artist & Educator

When we were in Chicago for our fashion show, we had the lovely pleasure of meeting Kate, a true artist and makeup genius. We were blown away by her ridiculous wealth of knowledge and the education we received in just minutes of talking with her.  Meet, Kate Johnson– a fabulous woman in the industry who really knows her craft.

 AS: What is the story behind your company and how you found yourself in design?

KJ: When I was in college at Cal State Fullerton, I was in a program to get my BFA in MusicalTheatre. A required class was Theatre Makeup and Hair design and I fell in love. The second semester I was the assistant teacher and learned I think more that year helping others do it than even doing it myself. After shattering my foot in a dance performance I had to change majors, so naturally I chose Special Effects Makeup and Hair Design. After doing so part time I became an Artistry Trainer for Smashbox Cosmetics and started my own company Kate Johnson Artistry. Between the two businesses I am able to fulfill my love of artistry and education. It has also blessed me to have amazing experiences in avenues I wouldn’t normally be able to do like teach inner city children art and be published.
AS: How would you describe your personal style? Design aesthetic? 
KJ: I don’t know that I can. I love the 50’s era and am obsessed with Mad Men. But I as much as I love it I don’t own much that would let anyone know. My style is what Im comfortable wearing and makes me feel feminine.

AS: What is your creative process like?
KJ:  It’s a system… I brainstorm, pull pictures off of Google Images to get the juices flowing… then when I’m totally at a block, I forget about it for a couple days and it just comes to me in any random second. I’ve tried to have a better way but this seems to be it.
AS: What projects are you currently working on?
KJ: I am a part of the Lakrem Producing team that did Battle of the Blush– some things are coming with that. The Goca “ Elegance of Maturity” show, and I have just started teaching an amazing group of children how to express themselves through art instead of violence.
AS: How would you describe your client?
KJ: My clients are a wide range of women and men. I love to hear their inspiration and how I can help develop it visually.
AS: Best part of your job? Worst part of your job?
KJ: The best and worst part of my job is that the creation walks away and I start something new every day.
AS: What advice do you have for aspiring artists? 
KJ: Know your products– not just what is advertised but WHY they do what they do.
AS: Where can we see your work?
KJ: You can see my work at either my Facebook Page or my website. I am always available to be contacted for bookings via Facebook or email at:


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