NASA: Final Stages by Lucie Jane

This past weekend I spent most of my time in the apparel design studios at my school (University of Minnesota) working on my group’s NASA project.  Its been crazy, but super interesting.

We’ve finally moved onto the final stages, which is mapping out the actual circuitry and where all the electronic components will go– exciting!  Our garment will completely enclose a circuitry system that powers the entire suit, which means we have to figure out how and where to sew our conductive thread traces.

Here is a photo of our pattern pieces with out trace markings:

We also have to make sure our system doesn’t short out or shock the user, so lots of resistance and conductivity tests have to be conducted. Here we are testing the resistance of our conductive thread when sewn through the fabric on both sides…it works!

This Tuesday we cleared our trace maps with our professor and the NASA team, and now are able to move forward with the actual suit!  NASA flies us down to Houston, TX a week from this Thursday, so lots to do!

XO, Lucie Jane


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