ArielSimone Q2 Newsletter

As we enter into the second quarter, we want to share some of the things that have happened and are happening! 2012 has been an incredibly exciting few months so far.  We will be saying goodbye to our first full-term intern and keeping another on for the summer.  We have built a manufacturing team and while learning along the way can be challenging at times, we are pleased to have stream-lined  a process that works for us. With that news, we have added another boutique in Minneapolis. In addition to Cliche, we will soon be selling at Corset, which is now located on Mainstreet in Hopkins, but will eventually move to Edina. We have had the wonderful pleasure of expanding our networks both online and in person. We just reached 500 likes on facebook, which at a year ago, we were at just a little less than 200.  Our blog readership is increasing– which is really exciting! We have added some very talented guest bloggers this season and we hope to continually provide interesting and relevant content for all of you! We’ve also added a new online retail space– I Like What You’re Wearing (ILWYW), which gives us the perfect segway to introducing our amazing staff photographer Mirza Nizamuddin.

He has been with us at the majority of all our shows last quarter and has shot all our recent retail photoshoots. We can’t  thank him enough, his work and generosity is truly unmatched. We are happy to report that we have a solid team right now, and we feel unstoppable and excited for what’s next.

What IS next?

We have some bitter-sweet news. ArielSimone is expanding! And in our growth, we feel that we are ready to move and set up in California. For this to happen, we have to say goodbye to Nkechi Njaka, who will continue to direct and support the operation and communication efforts from afar. She also will be representing the brand to new boutiques and presenting our collections to a new fashion community. She is very excited about this move and we promise to keep you posted!

Of course we can’t forget the shows. Some of our favorite events so far this year were Cliché’s Avoid the Grey and Arena Dances  Arena Bikini Beach Baby!  We also took a trip to Chicago and we were able to show our pieces to Chicago fashionistas as well as make some great connections.


Here is an upcoming show to put on your calendar:

KTWIN Show: Thursday May 3rd, 2012 at The Brick (Downtown, Minneapolis)

Make sure to keep visiting our blog to hear about upcoming events, new garments, behind the scenes at photoshoots, fashion tips and more! Also, our Facebook fan page has a lot of really great daily updates to keep you in the loop about styling, events and inspirations. Thank you for your support–ArielSimone is not what we are without all of you. Wishing you a fresh, happy, and love-filled Spring 2012!

** If you would like to be on our email list and receive the newsletters each quarter, please drop us a line–we’d be happy to add you!

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