Another NASA Update by Lucie Jane

NASA has been going very well over the past few weeks! Lots of work, prototype testing and circuitry sewing!

A big part of our project has been figuring out how to integrate the apparel and electric parts of our suit design. Our team has been testing various ways to plot out the paths and locations that the electrical leads and “wires” (conductive thread) will take.  We have decided on two layers, an outer suit layer and an inner lining layer, each to house four swatches’ electrical paths.

Here are a few images!

The paper rectangles are representing the swatch locations that our suit will have.  The thread maps out the paths that the electrical charges will run along when the suit is finalized.

We, as a group, are also working on a research paper about our project; research and results are to be published!

Houston, TX in two weeks!!

xo, Lucie Jane


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