Friday Fashion Feature: Danimal Deville

This stunning person caught our eye the last week at the Chicago jBar lobby. It was about the hair at first, and then it was the outfit. And what completely sealed the deal was the sweet and charming personality of this gorgeous person….

Friends, meet Daniel. Freelace stylist, occasional model and cast member on popular fashion reality series House of Consignment on VH1 as the show’s E-Tern! Stay tuned, they’d love the support! Wednesdays@ 10/9c. And of course, Daniel has a blog as is on twitter, so follow him!!

The outfit:

‘My style can be described as whimsy.’

Pants: Pink Metallic Cropped Trouser-Womens Top Shop
Salmon Button Down- Mens American Apparel
Blazer- Mint Green Vintage
Floral Cut Out Canvas Oxfords- Dr. Martens-Womens
Neck “tie”- fresh florals arrangement (taken right off a tree!)

I have been living in Chicago my entire life, I studied Architecture in Chicago at UIC, and studied in Copenhagen, of which I fell in love with. I am an aspiring Architect, Conceptual Designer, Fashion Stylist, and also a Retail Visual Installation Artist.


With my style, I am always looking for a chance to shift the expectations and perceptions of what ‘fashion’ and ‘architecture’ can be vs. should be, with a twist of art, humor, theory, and creativity, of which I ultimately call my ‘whimsy.’ In such serious times, fashion is here to remind us of what makes us human, our ability to shine, and a sense of humor to keep those Mondays more upbeat!


Fashion sometimes is taken too seriously, and we need a reminder that it’s good to laugh at ourselves because this world is too stiff, and that fashion should be easy, not over thought or looked over. You either get ‘it’ or you don’t. I’m a firm believer you are born living fashion, it’s in your blood and is a part of your soul. You can try to learn ‘it,’ but you will never embody fashion like a true stylist.


I say, ‘Dress yourself everyday as if it were your last.’


You can catch Daniel on House of Consignment on VH1 every Wednesday at 10EST/9C as the E-Tern whose always getting in some sort of trouble with his snazzy commentary. We love the show and we love watching him!


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