Bachelor Finale Recap: What I Think about Courtney and Ben

Like many other women between the ages of 20-35, I was watching the popular, albiet ridiculous, season finale of the Bachelor on Monday evening.  I was perfectly situated in the home of a best friend from college (who shares my love obsession), seated comfortably next to her and her husband, who was appropriately wearing this under his lululemon loungewear:

{You can buy your guy one too}

We had the DVR set, we ordered pizza, drank vodka infused cocktails. It was perfect. We planned to take shots every time anyone said “journey” but we were too distracted by the drama.

What drama? Well if you have been keeping up with the season, then you probably shared America’s hatred for model (and probable aspiring actress) Courtney Robertson. When it came down to engagement time, we were desperately hoping that he wouldn’t choose either, if he wasn’t going to choose Lindzi. But, alas, Ben asked Courtney to marry him. Are we shocked? The heart wants what the heart wants. And Ben wanted Courtney from the moment he heard she was a model. Or maybe it was after the numerous times he (and we) saw her naked on the show. Despite what all the other girls were saying about how awful she was, Ben just needed the approval of his sister (anyone notice that Courtney is just a prettier version of her??). And after his sister’s initial judgmental hatred for Courtney, she passed the test. And Ben got down on one knee.

 After the show, there is an after-the-show show, which allows all the other girls to speak their minds, hate on the woman Ben choose and grill Ben for not picking them because they thought what they ‘had was real.’  Despite how much I disliked Courtney, I actually felt bad for her getting berated, ripped apart and booed relentlessly by the audience. When Ben saw the aired episodes, he felt duped. And they broke up for a minute. But after apologizing for abandoning her and insisting that he did not cheat on her, they are in a ‘good, happy place.’ I think Ben even said something along the lines of ‘Nothing was ever wrong with us. What was wrong was what surrounded us’ before announcing that the two were, in fact, engaged.
Will it last? Courtney sure seems to think so, trying on wedding dresses the day the photos leaked that Ben was cheating on her….Plus, Ben put the ring back on Courtney’s finger, and says they are in a good place….so that must mean they are. (Um, did anyone else think it was weird that Chris Harrison had the ring with him for almost the entire show????)
All in all, it was entirely awkward and uncomfortable to watch Ben sit and try defend himself and watch Courtney try and answer whether or not they were together (she honestly looked confused and like she didn’t know where they stood). Show and ratings aside, I was not pleased how Ben handled his relationship with her after the proposal. So I didn’t really feel that bad that Ben looked kinda like a hot mess. Courtney looked like a better made up version of herself on the show in a fabulous dress.  I’m glad its over– I’m ready for next season!!
Tell us your thoughts if you’ve been keeping up with the Bachelor. Also, let us know if you happen to know where Courtney’s amazing white dress is from (photo above).
by Nkechi Njaka

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