Hello, Happy Tuesday!! I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve been short on the blog posting. Part of that was due in part to our ArielSimone team being split up around the country last week and this week. From LA to NYC, we have been a little off schedule. But we do have a very interesting update to report.

While in NYC, we had a very important meeting with a brand new retail site.

I Like What You’re Wearing  is an ecommerce, shoppable online fashion magazine that features the hottest next-generation fashion designers.  By seamlessly combining ecommerce and publishing, ILWYW are perfectly allowing readers to click and buy items they like right off the editorial photos and pages. We love this concept and are so excited to be apart of this fantastic project.  We met with Oliva Gossett, the brain child of ILWYW along with other really amazing fashion projects, and her colleague Tomm Zorn featured below.

{Photo Source}

Our next steps will be selecting garments for our first collection on the site. We will keep you posted on the progress and let you know when the site launches! We love adding new retailers that we can really stand behind. We are super pumped to see what the future holds with this new budding fashion relationship!


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