NASA by Lucie Jane

Its NASA time, everyone! I’ve finally moved on from the initial research phase to the prototyping phase.  My group’s first tests involve different types of conductive thread, yarn and fasteners.  Two initial prototypes of the entire garment will also we made, one by me and one by a group member. We will be testing our prototypes on a few volunteers, interviewing them on their range of motion, access to the swatches and general comfort.

Here is a photo of my initial prototype that I worked on this Saturday:


The very rough prototype I made (above) has two different types of joints at the shoulders.  I created these from manipulating pattern pieces into different shapes to allow room for movement and comfort. The zipper down the front will be the “switch” completing the entire circuit.  The shorts are removable via the zips around the torso.  We are planning on testing this and our other prototypes over and the week after spring break, more on the results then!

In other news, there are more photos from the Resurgent show last week posted on my blog.

xo, Lucie Jane


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