MSPFW Part 2: Resurgent by Lucie Jane

I can’t believe fashion week is over! Overall I thought this year’s fashion week was definitely a step in the right direction.  A focus on quality events instead of quantity, more professional events, and giving designers time to fulfill orders for the next season all combined into a great week of fashion.

On Thursday I had the pleasure of walking in Resurgent: A Winter Fashion Rock Show.  The show was an accumulative effort of all the designers who currently sell their pieces at You & Me in uptown: Tim and Thom Navarro, Deborah Block, and Katy Vereide.  I wore  Deborah Block/Camille Design’s ensemble and absolutely loved it! I would rock those pants and jacket any day 🙂

Here are some shots:

{Photo Source: Corey Tenold and Nic Abreco}

In other news, I am starting prototyping for NASA this week! I am testing our entire garments, as well as a variety of conductive yarns and fasteners to deduce what the best option is for my project.  More on that soon!

xo, Lucie Jane


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