Oscars 2012: Best and Worst Dressed by Adrienne Yancy

There were some very funny and entertaining moments this year, including the orchestral presentation by Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell, and Sacha Cohen dumping ashes on Ryan Secrest, but eight-time host Billy Crystal fell flat the whole evening. Angelina Jolie looked extremely thin, and the models who escorted the actors on and off the stage had better dresses than many of the actresses who walked the carpet!  Overall, the 84th annual Oscars were a chic, star-studded event, and my favorite part was when Cirque du Soleil performed!

Now onto the Red Carpet!! Overall there were a lot of pulled back hair styles, and simple styling to accompany most of the detailed gowns. My two picks for best dressed:

Giuliana Rancic – This dress fits impeccably and the styling is simple and elegant. The perfect show stopper for the Oscars!

Michelle Williams – I love the coral color, peplum, and brooch addition. A perfect spring inspired look. I think she would have looked even more amazing with a different clutch, but she looks great!

Now onto a few other great looking gals:

Ellie Kemper – The all-over sequin and sculpted bodice take this dress over the top for me. I love how the bronze and gold go so well with her hair. It’s a wonderfully styled, complete look.

Emma Stone – This jewel toned dress looks great, and it doesn’t make her look old. The fabric moved wonderfully on the red carpet and I love the large bow and keyhole slit down the bust.

Glen Close – The blazer over this dress makes the look a winner for me. Last week someone mentioned the growing popularity of the blazer and gown pairing, and seeing it makes me a believer! Glen Close looks wonderful and age-appropriate; her body is on fire!

Gwyneth Paltrow – Her cape and the wonderful eggshell color make this look a best dressed. On the stage, when presenting she came out sans cape, and it was definitely incomplete without it.

Kelly Osbourne – Wonderful dress, great curvy shape, but WTH is going on with her hair??? Last time I saw her she looked completely gray, now she’s got a purple tint to her graying mane… I’m completely distracted by the hair.

Natalie Portman – Last year at this time she looked great pregnant, in the purple Rodarte dress, but this year she falls to the bottom of my list, which lands her at one of the worst dressed of the evening. The dress looks regular, which means boring. On a side note: her neck was draped in stunning diamonds, I wonder how many carats she’s rocking!

Rooney Mara – I was hoping to see something totally different from this actress. The sculpting that is directly on the bust doesn’t look right, and it’s distracting from her gorgeous face. I’m hoping this is the first of many times that I’ll see her walk a red carpet, because I’d like to get a sense of her style.

 Sherri Shephard – This is not how you make an oversized bust look smaller, and the exposed black bra? What was she thinking?? To balance the oversized bust she should have done a fuller skirt with a cinched waist.

My best dressed male for the evening:

Pharell Williams – The velvet bowtie makes this look best dressed along with the beautiful satin trim on his slim tux. Great job Pharell!

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by Adrienne Yancy



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